Monday, April 16, 2012

a simple smile, a scream inside

There’s so much no one knows,
So much that no one sees,
About the way I feel inside, my thoughts and all my needs.

Maybe it’s the fact that they don’t look,
Or the fact that I don’t show,
Either way, there are things inside that no one seems to know.

I want to show the world,
I want everyone to see,
All the thoughts and ideas that flow inside of me.

Maybe you haven’t noticed,
Or maybe you didn’t dare,
To find out who I am, to show me that you care.

I’m screaming on the inside,
A smile is what you see,
But I’m not content with the person I seem to be.

There’s a different person on the inside,
That I can’t seem to show,
But maybe if you took the time, that person you could know.


well its true you know. everything being written here sums up what i feel now.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

just a quick post

life have been quite hectic these days, and i started to think whether i've ventured into the right career. no?

it's not that i don't like being a teacher, there's always pros and cons in everything that we do, but it's just that i hate routines. well, teachers are doing routine mind you, and of course except for the student's conduct. they varies everyday, but just that. the rest, like i said before, routine.

enter school. wait for the bell to ring. enter class. exit class. enter class. invoved with co-curricular activities. involved with meetings(never ending) and the list goes on. this is what i call routine.

and i hate routine, serioulsy. coz i can already see what i need to do bla bla bla bla bla.

to be honest, i like challenges and something unexpected. and most importantly, they definitely not a routine. ha ha ha

when i was young, i used to dream of becoming a musician and played along in an orchestra (how cool was that if it's really true!)

or being a reporter or a journalist who have been assigned to report from foreign countries (wow! :D)

or involved with some relief mission or international aids to help those needy poeple all over the world (well, i still have this 'dream' or mission up to this hour :D) if i ever got the chance to be part of it, i will not hesitately grab it!

but that was then, and i guess it was only meant to dream of, not the reality mind me.

i don't think i'll be a teacher till the rest of my life, an educator yes but not teacher. like i mentioned earlier, it's not that i hate this noble job(read that carefully, NOBLE) but it doesn't seem to suits me, if i were to spend my whole life doing this teaching stuff.