Tuesday, August 28, 2012

my not so good raya story

Ramadhan had just passed by us, and left me with thousand memories of my first year 'celebrating' here in Langkawi. well many new things rose and happened; only in Ramadhan mind you :D

it felt like just yesterday we had been fasting and now it was time for raya, again.
raya celebration this year was way different from those we usually had every year. maybe due to inexistance of the elderlies, hence the difference. by not having them in the house, it actually add on to those so-called emptiness; both in our heart as much as the house itself. and it felt a bit awkward not to have any elderlies in the house, since we were so used with them tok and tokki being with us like forever, before.

seriously this raya was the worst for me, for there's no 'salam-cium-tangan-dengan-ma-pa-dan-tok' thingy and there's no photoshoot (so to speak) amongst us, after the prayers. guess what, it was even more happening when we went to our relatives and had a small celebration there. but i really did feel awkward since i was not that close with them.

my closest yet so far cousin, wa who had just married was for sure were  with her husband, and it left us 5 siblings on our own. thank God she was there on the first hari raya though they had to rush back to kedah after that. if not boredom would be our very word to describe our raya.

at the end of the day, i guess i should be prepared to experience the same raya next year since everyone's getting married and will definitely go back to their in laws house. well, lani's joining the group next year and she's been telling us that she'll be celebrated raya at kedah next year. sigh -.-

p/s: no official raya photo this year, hence no photo uploaded :P