Wednesday, December 30, 2009

tidak bertajuk :P

salam and hi to all,

hari ni macam rajin sikit nak update blog...heh~bukan senang nak dapat "mood" mcm ni dan bila dah dapat ni, ape lagi...huhu:P

tapi masalahnya, tak tahu nak tulis apa. haishhh...msalah sungguh la. bila dah rajin mcm ni tak ada idea plak nak tulis, bila sibuk2 tu la idea mencurah2 nak tulis atau update blog...

oleh sebab dah tak ada idea, so rasayan nak stop sini dulu kot..heheh :P

ok lah, till then,
salam and bye bye bye

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

little happiness

salam and hi to all,

it's been a while since i posted my last entry..heh~ bukan apa, since kelas dah start, so masa tu mcm dah tak ada sgt(sume ni alasan je...padahal minggu2 awal cmni takde bnyak keje mana pun..hehe), sebab tu blog ni tak ada entry baru...heh :P

dan tiba2 hari ni rasa nak tulis2 here it is..hehe :)

little happiness..kadang2 benda2 kecik yang berlaku dalam hidup kita pun dah berjaya buatkan kita rasa gembira yang amat, apatah lagi kalo benda2 yang besar berlaku mcm kita dapat result elok ke, kawen ke(ooopppsssiieee :P), kawan kite kawen ke(heheh :P), doa kita termakbul ke or anything that makes us simply feels happy. it doesn't need to be BIG enough, just a simple one can still makes us happy at times:P

sebab tu kot orang2 yang tak cukup duit atau cukup2 je duit untuk hidup still boleh hidup gembira. sebab KEGEMBIRAAN tu SUBJEKTIF...dan kadang2 kegembiraan yang dorang alami tu lebih genuine :)

maybe bagi orang yang jarang2 boleh makan ayam kecuali pada masa tertentu saja, bila dah boleh makan ayam pada hari biasa, itupun dah cukup2 gembirakan diorang

maybe bagi orang yang jarang2 boleh pegi jalan2 naik kete, bila dapat naik kete sekali pun, dah cukup gembira buat dorang

maybe bagi orang yang jarang2 dapat result ok, bila dah dapat 3.0 pointer ke atas pun, dah lebih dari cukup untuk buat dorang gembira

maybe bagi orang yang jarang2 ada duit lebih, bila dan ada duit lebih sikit dan dpt beli benda yang dorang nak walaupun benda tu mungkin murah, dah cukup untuk buat dorang tersenyum sepanjang hari

tengok tu, it seems like they are just simple normal little things that we sometimes didn't care enough about it, but still can make them happy and grateful for what they have.

and for that,

i think we(aku terutamanya) ought to be grateful for what we have in our life
and learn to appreciate things we have :)

and till then,

salam and bye bye bye

p/s: tazkirah skit ari ni..heheh :P

Thursday, December 24, 2009


hanya ALLAH yang tahu

(this post is actually meant to be just an inner thoughts that i feel i can't hold it anymore, on my own. so i decide to post it here, that this blog is my digital "diary" konon2nya, but to all visitors, just ignore this if u don't want to read it)

wowowowo....dah lama giler tak update blog ni..bukan apa, the truth is aku MALAS. hish! mcm mana la nak wat diri ni rajin skit bile mai tang bab2 update blog ni. bukan apa, i take it as an exercise for me to practice my language skills~tak kesahlah malay ke english ke, at least aku brush it up. heh~

mcm tajuk entry ni, hanya ALLAH yang tahu. memang betul sangat. apa yang dapat aku katakan masa ni, sekarang ni, hanya ALLAH yang tahu perasaan aku sebenar-benarnya. apa yang aku rasa~~ kecewa ke, sedih ke, marah ke, gembira ke, syukur ke...aku sendiri pun tak dapat nak simpulkan benda ni. complicated la...:(

tapi, aku tahu, setiap yang berlaku tu mesti ada hikmahnya, aku yakin yang Dia ada sebab atas segala yang Dia telah aturkan, kenapa jadi mcm ni, kenapa jadi mcm tu, semuanya dah tercatat kat loh mahfuz dan dan cuma tunggu masa nak jadi je(mcm mak aku selalu ckp), kenapa aku perlu ada rasa ni lagi?
tak yakin dengan ALLAH ke lina? susah sangat ke nak letak keyakinan tu?
doalah...doa banyak2 insyaAllah, nanti Dia permudahkan urusan...

masalahnya sekarang ni, aku bukan tak yakin, tapi aku ambil langkah berjaga2, tak boleh aim high sgt..takut nanti kita kecewa kalau tak dapat apa yang kita inginkan. tapi, at least kene jugak ada target nak dicapai. (opppsss...pada yang membaca, this has got nothing to do with results or exam or academic, it's only my inner thoughts je)

kadang2 ALLAH jawab doa dengan hint2 yang ditunjukkan, apa yang perlu kita buat adalah YAKIN DENGANNYA!!!

yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin yakin

p/s: hati, tolonglah yakin!
ALLAH, tolonglah aku!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

is trouble a friend?

[gosh. i can't believe it that i wrote TWO. 2.DUA entries in a night! hahah. such an achievement for me :P]

salam and hi to all,

yesterday, my sister had introduced me with songs entitled TROUBLE IS A FRIEND from Lenka and it is quite nice to listen to. it's light and easy listening to ear. sweet :)

i wonder whether trouble is really our friend? but i cannot deny the fact that all of us do have problems and it can happen everyday, every time, every minute. yet, can we regard it as friends? huhu...i know this is just a song but i guess the lyrics tell us many TRUE things.

taking the example that i am now in problems [not a problem but just a lil negative thinking which ripped off my rationale justifications je] i bet IT DOES AFFECT ME in many ways. my emotion is being distracted, my focus [cewahh...focus la sangat :P]had been interrupted, and everything. i just can think straight anymore and it really drives me crazy :(

at this point, i don't think i can agree more with lenka that TROUBLE IS A FRIEND.because friends will be nice to us and treat us well, but trouble did not, kan? so, i would rather called it as a foe indeed.frens, console lah saya :P [WARNING:another unsur2 mengada2 disini!!]

oklah, as usual, nak berhenti disinilah.
till then,

see ya and salam and bye bye bye :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

nak lirik lagu ye?
jap jap jap

Trouble he will find you no matter where you go, oh oh
No matter if you're fast, no matter if you're slow, oh oh
The eye of the storm or the cry in the mourn, oh oh
You're fine for a while but you start to lose control

He's there in the dark, he's there in my heart
He waits in the wings, he's gotta play a part
Trouble is a friend, yeah trouble is a friend of mine, oh oh!

Trouble is a friend but trouble is a foe, oh oh
And no matter what I feed him he always seems to grow, oh oh
He sees what I see and he knows what I know, oh oh
So don't forget as you ease on down the road

He's there in the dark, he's there in my heart
He waits in the wings, he's gotta play a part
Trouble is a friend, yeah trouble is a friend of mine, oh oh

So don't be alarmed if he takes you by the arm
I won't let him win, but I'm a sucker for his charm
Trouble is a friend, yeah trouble is a friend of mine, oh oh!

Oh how I hate the way he makes me feel
And how I try to make him leave, I try
Oh oh, I try!

He's there in the dark, he's there in my heart
He waits in the wings, he's gotta play a part
Trouble is a friend, yeah trouble is a friend of mine, oh oh

So don't be alarmed if he takes you by the arm
I won't let him win, but I'm a sucker for his charm
Trouble is a friend, yeah trouble is a friend of mine, oh oh!
Ooo, oh ooo, ooo ahh

video?? carik sendiri kat youtube. :)

can (+) & (-) becomes (1) ?

salam and hi to all,

i've been wondering whether can two differences become a similarity? heh~ it's quite technical here. it is like two different person from totally two different world become together or in other words "unite"? yeah. humans are different. and THAT differences are seldom overlooked by most people. and that is why some people find it hard for them to accept other people or new person who is different into their life/ world coz they just can't take the differences as something which is interesting and unique.

there must be reasons why ALLAH made us all different from each other, aite?

i have been thinking quite deeply about this, just a few minutes ago, after watching an interesting yet lovey-dovey-mushy-teary love story. it struck to me that will it be true that people of a same skin hang out together or is this just apply to *birds*??(it is taken from the idiom "birds of a feather flock together" and i've altered it :P)

typical answers that i always hear is that these differences is the one that will make our life merrier and happier. life will be full of colours since we all portrays different faces and paints different colours, but i bet, i have to get a reality grip. not all will become just like what i'm thinking, kan?

life isn't really a bed full of roses, sometimes those roses do have thorns!

some people find it easy to accept others in their life although that person is totally different from them
but some people just can't. they prefer people who came from their own "clan"
[and this is what buggering me and worries me much]

and that is why, i think, there are problems arise, everyday, because of the DIFFERENCES. i bet, He must have concrete reasons why He made us all different and unique in our own way. kan?

ok lah, i think i have pour out some ridiculous and out of mind post here. just ignore this. but you can read it JUST FOR FUN. HEH~~~~~~

till then,

salam and bye bye bye

p/s: (+)tambah (-) sama dengan (0)
so, maknanya tak boleh lah! [JUST IGNORE THIS]
those who understand, understand lah :P

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

of sacrifice and personal reflections

salam and hi to all,

well. why i'm still awake at this kind of hour? it's 4.30 am in the morning. hah. i guess i can't sleep due to the fact that i just finished watching movie 2012 and it really freaked me out. very very very very much. i know i shouldn't really believe that but i guess, after all, it has coming back to me. deep down in my heart, the fear is building up and up and up and now, i think it has reached the highest limit. i am not saying that i truly believe what the movie served me, but i think, it has impacted me a bit; if it's not many. yes. this temporary world will soon come to its end and we, MUSLIMS know that one day we will be all dead and that is when we will enter the permanent period [well, i'm not going to talk about that in my blog coz i'm afraid that i don't have enough knowledge about it but i guess, i WILL find about it!]

i think maybe this is a call for me to start thinking what had i done all this years and whether it is enough to repay all my wrongdoings? i guess there'sa lot more to go and there's still a long way to go. i need to change myself for the better. my mother always [read me : ALWAYS] reminded me to be good and pay all the bad things with goodness (buat baik semata-mata, balas kejahatan dengan kebaikan)
and with that, we will feel calm and content. but, sometimes i have to admit that being a normal human beings, i too have feeling and sometimes the emotions will drive me crazy and let me to react in a wrong way. it's quite complicated when i have to handle this mixed emotions on my own and that is why i need to always reminded myself not to let the feelings overruled me.

this is where the good deeds comes in. i believe that they played BIG ROLES here. when we obey all the obligations [as MUSLIM, we have to do what we NEED to do],
when we are doing good deeds to people,
when we are being nice to people,
when we help others,
when we are patients enough to deal with people with different attitude,
when we love others as much as we love ourselves,
when we are being considerate to others,
when we are not being selfish,
when we know our limit,
when we willing to learn more to repent,
when all the GOOD THINGS outnumbered OUR BAD DEEDS,

i believe, insyaALLAH ALLAH will make it easy for us.
but, it surely requires us to sacrifice.
yes, to get something is to give something. it's a fair trade.
there will involve lots of sacrifaction.
we need to sacrifice money, time, energy, and even ourselves[if we need to].

Have We not opened your breast for you (O Muhammad (Peace be upon him))? And removed from you your burden,Which weighed down your back? And raised high your fame? So verily, with the hardship, there is relief, Verily, with the hardship, there is relief (i.e. there is one hardship with two reliefs, so one hardship cannot overcome two reliefs). So when you have finished (from your occupation), then stand up for Allahs worship (i.e. stand up for prayer). And to your Lord (Alone) turn (all your intentions and hopes and) your invocations.
surah al-insyirah (solace).

al-quran should be our main references but we must not forget that we have ALLAH and HE should be our main and most invocations and hopes and the one that we should turn to.

i am not a truly devoted preacher myself and i might have slipped most of what i had written here, but i guess it's not wrong for me to share what i feel and know. don't look at the person but look at the words he told [jgn lihat seseorang itu pada rupanya tetapi lihatlah apa yang diperkatakannya] ~~rupa dlm konteks ni agak teknikal maksudnya~~

it's already 5.07 am and i guess, i'm gonna stop here.

till then,
salam and bye bye bye

p/s:this is just a friendly reminder for me. i mean no harm :) ^_^

Monday, December 7, 2009

another random thoughts

salam and hi to all,

it's been a while since my hols starts and i really don't want it to end. heh, i still wants to enjoy my precious moments with family, but i guess i need to get a reality grip. huh! i have another 1 and half years to complete my study and hopefully, i'll be able to fight till the end. INSYAALLAH :)

i've been reflecting on sooo many things lately, from the most important one till the one that i considered small thingy. and surprisingly, i am still searching for that "one" little thing which can makes me content, but i guess, it's still nowhere to be found. don't worry, i'll keep searching and waiting till i found it!
[don't ask me what is that "thing" coz i also wants to know what it is]

there's few things in my wishlist that i want to achieve and i hope to get it done next year. i won't tell that lists now coz i'm afraid you will laugh at me. thing that i really really really really need now is prayer. from you. or maybe you.

till then,

salam and bye bye bye

Saturday, December 5, 2009

baru balik dari kampung

salam and hi to all,

semalam bru je sampai dari tganu selepas perjalanan lebih 6 jam...huh. penat. letih.tired. semua ada...bestnye balik kampung cuti2 mcm ni. terubat rindu dekat cousin2 and tok aku....nak blik lagi...nak nak nak :P

terengganu lembap sekarang ni. best duduk rumah tok musim2 hujan mcm ni. bukan apa, sedap tido kalo hujan2 mcm tu..tambah2 rumah kayu, menambah keenakan tido :) hehe~
bile dah hujan2 mcm tu, memang tak bleh nak pegi mana2 la, aktiviti2 yg selalu aku wat mase blik umah tok pun tak leh nak truskan(aktiviti jalan2 tanpa tujuan). ape lagi, aktiviti lain la yg dibuatnya :P MAKAN...hahahah...hujan=lapar, lapar=makan.
badanku jgn ditnaya2 lagi kawan2, mcm ada gas yg pump je rasa..heh~
dah lama tak makan makanan tengganu...sedap sedap sedap.sampai aku dah gtau kat diri aku, makan je nak makan apa...lepas2 ni la klo nak diet pun...hohoho...[kan fiera kan :P]

satu lagi yang aku suka nya, kt umah tok aku, malam2 air akan pasang (tpi ikut musim jugak, sekarang ni malam2 air pasang la), seronok tgk air pasang..kadang2 sampai mencecah kt tangga..huhuh.pastu mula la nak tgk2 air tu tinggi mana, tgk gelagat budak2 bila air pasang mcm sgt2...

aku rasa aku memang rindu giler ngan kampung aku ni. seronok bile balik dan diraikan.seronok seronok seronok. tgk tu smpai 3 kali tulis seronok. memang bestlah!!

tapi dalm seronok2 pun, aku sedih ngan keadaan tok aku. kesian dia. sakit :(
sebab tu bila aku kat sana, aku memang bantu setakat yg aku boleh. aku rasa puas. at least, nanti2 aku tak menyesal dah kalo ape2 jadi. biasalah manusia ni sekejap sihat sekejap ALLAH trik blik nikmat tu.
dan aku nak bagitahu stu je, jnganlah kita berbuat khianat dekat orang lain. lambat laun, ia akan memakan kita juga. KHIANAT tu KEJI!

aku rasa smpai sini dulu kot.
till then,

salam and bye bye bye

Friday, November 20, 2009

kenapa? why? porque?

salam and hi to all,

kenapa orang tak pernah nak faham kita?
kenapa asyik kita je yg kena fhm orang?
kenapa orang tak pernah nak faham perasaan kita masa kita dalam keadaan yg susah? kenapa orang perlu nk jugde orang lain?
kenapa asyik kita yang mengalah?
kenapa orang suka tuduh bukan2 tanpa nak ambil tahu dulu hal sebenar?
kenapa orang suka terima tanpa persoalkan sesuatu?
kenapa orang suka sakitkan hati orang lain tanpa dia sedar?
kenapa orang suka buat kita sakit hati walaupun dia tahu kita akan rasa sakit hati?
kenapa dunia ni tak adil?
kenapa dunia ni perlu ada orang yang tak bersikap adil?


susah sgt ke ambil masa nak faham orang tu dulu?
susah sgt ke nak jaga hati orang lain?
susah sgt ke nak "please" orng tu sekejap?
susah sgt ke nak faham keadaan orang lain?

cubala bersikap empathy skit..letakkan diri dalam situasi orng tu..


p/s: sori. entry ni dipostkan semasa tgh skit hti . abaikan semua di atas. mengada-ngada je ni

ALLAH knows :)

salam and hi to all,

tdi tgh google2 cari motivational thoughts and i happen to came across this lyrics. dgr lagu ni, cam soothe je hati, sharing is caring, nak kongsi la dgn sume..heh~ ENJOY!

Allah Knows
By Zain Bhika and Dawud Wharnsby Ali

When you feel all alone in this world
And theres nobody to count your tears
Just remember no matter where you are
Allah knows, Allah knows.

When youre carrying a monster load
And you wonder how far you can go
With every step on that road you take
Allah knows, Allah knows.

(Cause) No matter what, inside or out
Theres one thing of which theres no doubt
Allah knows, Allah knows.
And whatever lies in the heavens and the Earth
Every star in this whole universe
Allah knows, Allah knows.

When you find that special someone
Feel your whole life has barely begun
You can walk on the moon shout it to everyone
Allah knows, Allah knows.

When you gaze with love in your eyes
Catch your glimpse of paradise
And you see your child take the first breath of life
Allah knows, Allah knows.

When you lose someone close to your heart
See your whole world fall apart
And you try to go on but it seems so hard
Allah knows, Allah knows.

See we all have a path to choose
Through the valleys and hills we go
With the ups and the downs never fret never frown
Allah knows, Allah knows.

Every grain of sands in every desert plants
He knows
Every sheet of palm, every closed hand
He knows
Every sparkling tear on every eye lash
He knows
Every thought I had and every word I share
He knows
Allah knows

dgr dan hayati lagu tu best je..rase cam Dia dah lapangkan dada aku sekejap :)

jap ni video dia..

another RANDOM thought

salam and hi to all,

sekarang ni ada kt tg malim perak. tmpat kakak aku..heh~ dah lama tak jenjalan sini..rase cam blik tmpat sendiri, maybe sebab sini ada kakak aku kot, so aku rasa cm blik kt tmpat kita sendiri :P.

hmm..cuti2 ni rajin plak duk men"update" blog ni..bukan apa, aku rasa aku nak berubah la...start sikit2 dulu then when the right time comes, maybe boleh berubah fully kot. tapi, apa yang aku nak ubahnya? BANYAKKKKKK....banyak sgt2..

aku nak ubah diri aku ni supaya lebih rajin skit dan tak wat keje last2 minute..coz, at the end, aku yg akan regret klo2 aku tk perform ke apa ke.pastu bila dah jadi mcm ni, mulala nak defend myself dengan cakap possibilities kenapa leh jadi mcm tu. mcm "mekanisme bela diri" la [ni term dari kakak aku--> die amik psychology, so die tahu l..heh], kita dah wat salah pastu nak soothe ourselves dengan cakap kat hati kata, "ala, kita takkan wat kalo dia tak mula dulu, nak wat cmna, ALLAH dah tetapkan dah pun nak jadi mcm ni" dan mcm2 lagi la.

kita akan cuba nak defend diri kita [yg bersalah tu] dri dipersalahkan oleh org lain. kdg2 manusia ni salah dia tak nampak, salah orang jugak yg nampak jelas. dan aku rasa aku termasuk dalam kategori tu kot..selalu nk fikir slah orang, padahal bnayk je salah aku ngan dorang, yg kdg2 dorang tak amik pot pun..aku je yg lebih2 :(

itulah manusia, imperfect ALLAH'S creation. well...kalo perfect sgt pun, tak meriah jugak dunia n hidup ni kan. mesti boring coz dah takde kenangan2 yg nak diingat kembali..huhuh...[ni satu lagi mekanisme bela diri]

mcm2 yang aku rasa sekarang. berbaur-baur. aku pun tak tahu kenapa deep down in my heart, there are something which is not settled yet. mcm ada something je! serious! so, kawan2 who happen to read this blog, please tell if me if there's something that you are not satisfied with me. takut2 tak jumpa dah ke, apa ke..OK? plez..plez..plez..


hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm[mengeluh lagi, mak aku marah klo selalu mengeluh]

kenapa tah aku rasa cuti kali ni cam tak bebas sgt. ada sumthing yg masih lagi mengikat aku dari enjoy cuti ni..perasaan ni mcm kita ada stu lagi paper yg tak hbs lagi study dan exam akan berlangsung dalm masa 4 hari dan kita msih lagi goyang kaki tak ingat dunia. mcm tu la perasaan aku sekarang. like i said before, ada benda yg tak settle lagi. apakah BENDA itu? ish ...tak leh jadi ni...kena wat sesi muhasabah diri jap..nak find out what is "that" thing? :P

benda2 yg melibatkan hati ni, aku tak suka nak simpan2 takut2 nanti jdi "barah hati", haaa...mse tu dah payah dah nak ubat "sakit" ni.coz kalau wat salah ngan ALLAH, kita leh mintak ampunn taubat janji tak wat, dan Ya Rahman dan Ya Rahhim, InsyaALLAH Dia leh ampunkan dosa2 kita, tapi klo ngan manusia ni, selagi dia tak maafkan kita, kita takleh nak wat apa2..kene redha je..huhuhu :(

aku rasa tu je kot nak ramble pgi2 ni..heh~

till then,

salam and bye bye bye

p/s: kawan2 yang happen to read this blog, plez plez plez PM me if there's anything i have done wrong to you[ aku wat korang terasa ke, apa2 ke] tlgggggg ye

Thursday, November 19, 2009


salam and hi to all,

masa aku tulis entry ni, hari still pagi lagi. puas tido sebab otak ni dah tak yah fikir pasal study[yet]...sebelum tak teroccupied dgn keje2 study ni, baik amik peluang ni tido puas2, tgk tv puas2, makan2 puas[yg ni klo tgh study pun makan puas2 gak :P] dan goyang kaki puas2..heh~ lame kan..biasalah activity org pas hbs exam..nak wat apa lagi kan? huhuh..

semalam lepas exam tgk muvee jap, pastu g main2 kt kids giler222! hehehe :P bukan pe, bile main tu, jerit2 tu, rase cam LEPAS semua[wlopun perasaan regret sebab tk perform sgt dlm exam tu ada] tensen2 yg dah lama bersarang kt otak ni...nak clear2 otak skit, tak mau serabut2 lagi..huhuh~HUH!
ok. enough about dat.

aku selalu terfikir2kan lately ni..selalu sgt..aku selalu fikir ada tak org yang akan treasure aku bila aku dah takde nanti. treasure in the sense of remember me when i'm not around. maybe dah grad ke, bile dah keje ke or even mati.well, tak salah ingat mati kan? bila aku tgk facebook org tu, baca blog orng ni, kdg2 terfikir jugak, ada tak orng yg akan "rindu"kan aku nanti..hehe~
[emo skit pepagi cmni]

bukan apa, bila kita dah start keje nanti, which means, hidup kita akan dikelilingi ngan kerja2 yg banyk, orng2 yg baru, dan ada kemungkinan kita tak akan jumpa kawan kita lagi, dorng still lagi tak ingat kt kita? aku la dalam konteks ni [wah! ayat tk leh blah :P] mesti bnyk nk kena fikir kan?

hahahahahah..entahlah nape pgi ni rase cam EMO skit..walaupun aku tahu ada je kawan2 aku yg akan ingat kat aku, kan? kan? kan? aku tahu MESTI ADA PUNYA! heh~ confident giler ni :) sebab aku tahu kawan2 aku cmna..^_^

aku akui aku ni style org yg jarang akan msg orng unless klo ada pape--> nak ajak kuar ke, nak tanya sumthing, or apa2 je ....bukan apap.....coz aku rasa klo aku sesaje msg, nanti kang ganggu wat keje ke apa ke, sebabnya aku tahu ada sesetengah org mcm rasa serabut skit klo kita msg dia tanpa apa2 bila mcm tu, aku akan selalu ingat apa yg aku rasa tu, sebab tu la aku mybe jarang2 skit msg kwan2 lama aku, tpi JANGAN RISAU, AKU STILL TREASURE AND INGAT KAWAN2 AKU :) dan aku sayang kawan2 aku semua :)

tpi kalo dorang msg, aku akan balas n jawab msg tu. jgn risau. klo tak jawab tu, maksudnya tgh tkde kredit[:P], tdo atau tak perasan msg.tu je...klo kte aku dpt msg tpi tak jwb pape tu..mybe tak kot :P huhuh

tu la apa yang aku selalu rasa klo aku bca blog orng atau tgk facebook orng yang penuh ngan wishes dri kawan2 die...apa kaitannya, bila orng tu bnyk wishes dri kawan2 die, mesti dia tu style yg selalu msg kawan2, call kawan2 dia, baik ngan kawan2 dia..sebab tu kawan2 dia wishes kt dia mcm2..heh~ childish minded btulla :(

bru2 ni aku ada dengar lagu ni dan dlm lirik tu dia ada kata,
"you don't know what you got till it's gone"
TERSANGATLAH betul...kita tak akan tahu apa istimewanya benda yg kita ada atau orng2 sekeliling kita sampai la dia pergi atau benda tu hilang dari simpanan kita..selalu mcm tu kan. so, kepada kawan2 sume,

aku nak mintak maaf bebanyak klo2 ada salah dan silap aku sepanjang kita kenal, kawan dan belajar sama2. maaf dri hujung rambut hingga ke hujung kaki.
maybe harsh words yg aku ckp tu sebenarnya aku tak maksudkan pun
maybe perlakuan yg childish2 aku buat tu aku tak expect pun diri aku akan react mcm tu dan
maybe cara aku layan korang, bls msg korang, cakap tu timbulkan rasa tk senang kt korang,
tpi percayalah bahawa


till then,

salam and bye bye bye
have a GOOD day all!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

what's done is done

salam and hi to all,

ALHAMDULILLAH. praise be to ALLAH. today is my last paper and it marked this sem with not really a satisfying one :(
i don't know what's in store for me especially when the results is out later! HUH! i bet, it will only bring my pointer down....HELP ME! tension ni!!!! -_-;

mcm mana ni..what's done is done. i can't redo it all over again. :(
sorry ye. this is the only place where i can lament all my griefs without having to open up my mouth to tell others...huhuhuhuhu sedih sedih sedih

i don't think i have the heart to write some more and till then,

salam and bye bye bye

Monday, October 19, 2009

kita hanya mampu sujud :) edited

salam and hi to all,
entry kali ni mcm semangat skit ye :) heheheh...bru dgr berita baik tdi..
oklah, sebenarnya tak ada apa pun nk cite kt sini,
just curi masa sikit je [tgh wat asaimen ni :P]

ada satu lagu tu yang aku minat sangat,
tpi kt sini aku nk ckp yg bukan aku minat kat penyanyi tu ye, lagu je...
coz lirik die cambest je..huhuh
so, mcm biasa nk kongsi skit dgn sume :)ENJOY!,

uurm...btw, seblemu lupa, lagu ni tajuk nya SUJUD oleh mawi ft KRU

Bila dilanda musibah
Hati tabah mula rebah
Jangan biarkan dugaan
Rapuhkan pedoman hidup

Andai waktu itu tiba
Semaikan sifat bersabar
Hanya Dia saja menentu
Dan kita hanya mampu sujud
Jika direnung kembali
Dari kehidupan
Pelbagai halangan kutempuh penuh cabaran
Tiada satupun ku hadapi dengan senang dan
Tiada satupun ku hadapi dengan tenang

Tapi ku bersyukur
Di saat ku murung
Ku musikkan dalam kedua telapak tangan
Semangat yang dah luntur
Harapan yang dah terkubur
Diberi arah tukku teruskan

Bila dilanda musibah
Hati tabah mula rebah
Jangan biarkan dugaan
Rapuhkan pedoman hidup
Andai waktu itu tiba
Semaikan sifat bersabar
Hanya Dia saja menentu
Dan kita hanya mampu sujud……
Hanya mampu sujud…..

Pernah kulihat mereka
Yang hilang segalanya
Insan yang tersayang
Atau harta benda
Pancaroba bencana juga malapetaka
Adalah sebahagian ujian dunia
Di sebalik kesusahan
Tidak letih mengerti erti kesenangan
Harusku akur dengan apa yang telah dikurnia
Barangkali esok semua berubah
Janganlah kita melupakanNya
Ketika langit cerah bersinar
Janganlah kita melupakanNya
Ketika langit mendung tak bercahaya

Bila dilanda musibah
Hati tabah mula rebah
Jangan biarkan dugaan
Rapuhkan pedoman hidup

Andai waktu itu tiba
Semaikan sifat bersabar
Hanya Dia saja menentu
Dan kita hanya mampu sujud……
Hanya mampu sujud…..

lirik ni sgt dekat dengan aku dan aku rasa semua orng pun, kan?
betul tak?
kalau kita diuji ALLAH,
kita tak mampu buat apa pun selain berdoa
kan doa tu senjata mukmin;
so berdoalah supaya ALLAH ringankan bebanan yang ditanggung tu :)

ustaz aku penah ckp,
memang jodoh, ajal, maut ditangan tuhan,
tapi kita oleh ubahnya, dengan apa?
doalah banyak2 jika kita betul2 hendakkan sesuatu tu

yakinlah dengan ALLAH,
insyaALLAH, Dia akan yakin dengan doa kita

kadang2 memang kita terasa yang ALLAH dah uji kita bnayk sangat, smpaikan kita dah tak termampu nk tanggung dah,
tpi pernah tak kita terfikir yang ada orang lain lagi yang ALLAH dah uji sangatlah beratnya, tpi mereka tak merngut pun?

aku tahu aku pun bukan baik nk nasihat orng ni, tapi aku rasa tak salah kalau aku nk kongsi benda ni dengan sume, kan?

ada pepatah tu kata
jgn lihat siapa yang berkata, tetapi lihatlah apa yang dikatakan...

till then,

salam and bye bye bye

of being sensitive

salam and hi to all,

mood aku tgh bercampur2 skrng ni...suke+sedih+marah semuanya jdi satu...
tak tahu la kenapa...mcm2 yang aku fikirkan sekarang

[sje je nk exaggerate, padahal tkde pape pun :P]

ok, lah being sensitive?
mcm tjuk yg aku tulis di atas tu

entahlah aku rasa yang setiap dari kita perlu ada sikap sensitif
bukan sensitif as in sensitif suka menangis atau cepat terasa ke apa
tapi being sensitive towards situation around you
kenapa ye aku cakap macam ni?
sebab ada beberapa benda yang terjadi menyebabkan aku rasa perlunya sikap ni!

aku akui yang aku agak sensitif [well, i can't help it :P]
dan senang sikit nk terasa benda2 kecil or unnecessary things ni..heh~
entahlah, maybe sebab nama aku kot, dia jadi cam doa, so, aku mcm cepat sikit terasa
dan akan cepat sangat terasa dengan orang2 yang terdekat dengan aku
huhu...sorie ye kawan2

being sensitive here means that you can sense when people don't like
the way you treat them,
the way you talk to them
and even
the way you look at them

please, please, please, be sensitive la skit
when you know that people is uneasy with you,
you have to react accordingly
give some respect to them
then, they'll give u the same :)

some people might have realized that they've hurt someone but,they take no action at all and keep on hurting them as if they are not aware of it!
hah~ ni la yang part susah sikit tu
coz some people are just ignorance enough to care what they had done
[i don't meant to attack anyone here, k]

when we are aware of the situation and put in a little of our sensitivity,
then we can see the difference
people will be more comfortable with us
[ok, imagine this]

A has just clashed with her boyfriend, and you told her the story that you bf has just gave you a nice present for your anniversary. you keep on telling her how sweet the moment was and even asked her opinion on the gift you just received. what do you she will feel??what if you are in her shoes? do you like being told a story which makes you remember all those sweet things you've done with your ex? will you feel sad? and how do you perceive this person?


ok, so mcm mana?
get the picture?

hah, that's what i mean,
being sensitive towards people around you, not just that, even situation pun same la...

heh~ i think i've babbled too much here, better get back to work..huhuh

till then, salam and bye bye bye ^_^

Monday, October 5, 2009

perasaan berbaur-baur -_-;

salam and hi to all,

dah lama gilerr tak tulis blog..bukan apa, malas, sibuk, tak ada idea dan bnyak lagi la sebab lainnya! [alasan je tu :P]

semenjak dua menjak ni, macam2 perasaan aku rasa...semuanya ada, berbaur-baur kata orng..huh! tak tahu la nape?? aku tak suke jgak rasa mcm ni coz aku rasa tak happy, tak ceria dan rasa tak best..--_

biasala..manusia, ada ups and downs dia
maybe ni masa aku down tapi ada je masa aku ok..huhuh~

dan aku rasa selfish sangat, masa down ni baru la nk ingat ALLAH btul2...bukan sebelum ni tak ingat kat DIA, tapi tu la..gitu2 je..apalah manusia aku ni..padahal aku hidup ni dengan izinNya jugak..kalau DIA tak izin, masa ni jugak aku boleh je trus tak??

aku teringin nak berubah satu hari nanti
berubah ke arah yang lebih baik
berubah ke arah yang lebih happy
berubah ke arah yang lebih bagus
aku tahu, aku takkan boleh jadi orang lain tapi tu lah...aku nak transform diri aku ni jadi orng yg terbaik

"kita tak boleh berubah jadi orang lain, tapi kita boleh berubah jadi yang lebih baik"
adam dalam nur kasih :P


mcm mana ye??
ALLAH, berilah aku kekuatan untuk berubah
ALLAH, berilah aku kesempatan untuk berubah

sori ye to all readers,
i'm a bit down at the moment
so, new posts pun mcm2 orng pasrah dan kecewa je ..huhuh..

tak salah kita lament dan repent dan check blik semua yang kita dah wat selama ni
well, kita ni manusia biasa yang tak lepas dari wat salah kan??
so, sekali sekala sedar2 kan diri dan muhasabah diri, tak salah kan?


till then
salam and bye bye bye bye


Sunday, October 4, 2009

truth hurts aint it??

salam and hi to all,

it's been a while since i posted new entries in my blog. heh~ it's actually an effect from my laziness :P...another thing, it must be because i've been occupied with endless assignments that needed to be hand in on time which makes me a bit lazy to do any writings or readings at that time :P

many things happen lately and many emotions involved..yeah, like i said, humans are creatures of emotions and it is really true indeed!
i know i've been over-reacted and less-reacted to certain things...i know it but I DON'T KNOW WHY and I REALLY CAN'T HELP IT!

oh, please...can u understand me??
can someone understand me please??

truth hurts, aint it??
yes, it really does. truth really hurts and that is why sometimes people call it "THE UGLY TRUTH"

i don't think i can write now
there's soooo many things and i'm a bit lost here

till then
salam and bye bye bye


Friday, August 7, 2009

macam-macam la!

[i might have wrote about this before, anyway just read it :)

salam and hi to all,

before i begin, i just want to tell that this entry is just for sharing of some thoughts and feelings of HOW I FEEL about everything..

we are special in our own way and the way we do things sometimes will reflect on our personality[tak bnyak pun, sikit la..]that's simply because HUMAN ARE DIFFERENT and in this condition, i believe that it is very important to treat people differently according to their personality. for example,
- an easy going person, treat them as one, make jokes, give and take, considerate and etc
- sensitive person, care about them, be sensitive on their feelings, don't use harsh words which might makes them hurt and etc...

it seems very difficult yet this is the price we have to pay if we want to be accepted in community. do you want to be isolated just because you openly commented on people's work? for me , it's a BIG no no..i don't want to be isolated just because of my "slips of the tongue".

yes, i know that we do have "freedom of speech" but use it properly. some things are meant to be kept as secret and some things are meant to be told. YOU CHOOSE! it will be nicer if you choose your words properly. i believe that ALL people did not like to hear harsh words, although they like to use one! it is not a harm to keep to yourself of what you feel about ather people, at the end of the day, you will find yourself forget and forgive of what had been said to you or what you feel about others.

yes, i know that many people will say that it is a hypocrite person who do things like that and i tell you what, sometimes we got to be hypocrite because sometimes what we heard is also hypocracy..and there's hardly any truth in this world. this is real world, where all types of people can be find and it is up to us to which category we want to fall into..and if you ever asked me, i want to fall into people who makes difference to people's life and give impact to them :)

yes, i know that some people will say that"why should i care for them? they didn't even care for me!"have you heard of 'what you give, you get back' ?yes!! if you care for them, sooner or later, they will care for you too! read me: CAREbelieve me. it did happened ^^we have to always remember that ALLAH is kind to us because He loves us! He will give what we want, regardless it is impossible or not. and in return, devote ourself to Him, The Great!

yes, i know that it is hard for us to be nice with everyone around us, but it is not a crime if we try it right? we have our own, me and everyone! i do admit that sometimes, if i feel sad or angry, and it happened to be shown through my expressions, i just can't help to be nice with people too. the emotions will affect me very much.

living in a community charged us to be nice to people around. we cannot just want others to follow what we want but sometimes, we have to follow what others want, too! it's a give and take things...and if you willing to do so, then you will lead a HAPPY life..with people around you, with good friends who willing to help and care for you...what else do you want??

till then, salam and bye bye bye

p/s : this is just a reminder for me, and you too, if you want :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

i'm yours :)

salam and hi to all,

it's been a while since i post any new entries for my blog..hahah...i've "abandoned" this blog for quite some times[lots of work to be done] and now, i'm back with some news...errr...can this be called new? hmmmmmmm....

i would like to share a nice song ...this is actually an English song but it is being translated into, ENJOY!^_^

i'm yours versi melayu
Kau tahu kau buat ku rasa begini
Jauh ku kembara tetapi ku ingin kembali
Biarpun berlabuh malam? tidak ku berhenti
Sebelum terlewat, ingin yang terbaik untukmu
Takkan siapa mampu menghalang azamku
Inilah masanya pelajari sesuatu

Takkan ku tunggu lagi
kini aku milik kamu

Buka mata cuba kau lihat
Bukalah minda kau kan bebas
Buka hatimu dan kau temu cinta
Dengarlah muzik ini lagu juga irama
Kita semua bersama
Punya hati jiwa untuk mahu dicinta cinta
Dan, Takkan ku sangsi
Aku pasti takkan tunggu lagi
Usah ragui masa lalu
Kini aku milik kamu

Dengar bisikan hatiku
Kau kan tahu cerita

Lama benar ku membelek diri di depan cermin
Berpusing menari pabila tiada sesiapa
Melihat rentakku sendiriku tertawa
Kini aku sedar tentang kehidupan ini
Tak perlu pura-pura, jadilah diri sendiri
Itulah diriku
Dan kamu pun tahu

Takkan ku tunggu lagi kini
Aku milik kamu

Buka mata cuba kau lihat
Bukalah minda kau kan bebas
Buka hatimu dan kau tahu luas dunia
Dengar dengar dengarlah
Ikutlah rentak kita
Inilah masa untuk kamu percaya

*Lirik versi final dari Open Project : I’m Yours
*Lirik major dari Amri dan Pingu Toha
Turut serta: Naz, Ads4Bucks, Kak Dijah, Zeah, Fariz, Awin & the aliens

and when i look at the names of the lyricist----Amri or real name is ahmad lutfi amri bin ramli, i was quite shocked coz the name sounds very familiar to me...and after some questioning and interviewing session with my mother and sister, i am quite sure that he is actually my senior back in secondary school...i do admit that he really likes to sing and there was one ocassion in school where he sang the song "more than words" together with his guitar..and it was really nice! he also have talent in modifying some lyrics and turn it into something which is quite academic[to be used in some ocassion in school]...i cannot remember what song he modified, but he did it...

he was one of the best students in my school and from what i've read, he is currently doing his masters somewhere in UK, in such an early age [he was just 25, if i'm not mistaken]

oklah, that's all.just a recap of school days ^_^

till then,
salam and bye bye bye

p/s: enjoy the song k!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

new blog URL

salam and hi to all

be aware that there are few changes in some of our fren's blog i will list down all the new URLs for your view..check it out! (doreen) (shikin) (illina) (fiera)

till then,

salam and bye bye bye

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

take note C4: science -> BLOG URL


just nak list down kat sini korang punya alamat check it out! =)

till then,

salam and bye bye bye =)

best ada.... tak best pun ada!

hari: selasa yg best[for the first time since im in UM]
masa: 2-5[3 jam yg rasa sangat sekejap]
mood: happy!!!
tempat: makmal komputer 1, UM fakulti pendidikan[mote that lecturer ada kt depan]


hehehehehe....panjang skit description pasal tmpat dan sebagainya...bukan apa, aku rasa mcm lecturer science ni sgtx100 best!
kalah la dgn lecturer kt tmpat aku study sebelum ni...=p

hari ni adalah hari kedua secara rasminya aku bergelar budak lah, sebelum ni kan budak maktab je...tak merasa sgt la kehidupan mkcm org lain..tapi whatever pun, i am grateful to ALLAH coz at least i've been sponsored and don't have to trouble my parents to pay all the fees...syukur :)

pengalam first day di UM agak mengejutkan dan men"jengkelkan"...kenapa? hmmm...mcm2 perkara yg berlaku dan aku alami di sini...tapi biasalah, first day kan, what we normally expect masa hari pertama??...mcm rusa msuk kampung jugak bila first time betul2 berada di UM ni...sebab tak biasa[walaupun sebelum ni dah beberapa kali ber'piknik2' di library UM]...
rasa mcm awkward sje...entah lah kenapa! dalam fikiran aku, aku rasa mcm pelajar2 tgk "slack" je kat aku...atau maybe ni just perasaan nervous katakan...

masuk lecture untuk first day pagi 2 memang perasaan mcm nak jumpa doktor je lepas tu...tak tergambar..mcm2 benda yang aku rasa...tapi mood excited nak beljar tu tiba2 je ter"bunuh" oleh sebab something yg tak berapa seronok!

first lecturer was quite fierce and i did not really like him...dan aku juga tak suka bila ada org suka "measure" kita punya ability dengan hanya lihat pada result exam yg tertulis di atas kertas...maybe he was not like this[biasalah first day, mesti nk create first impression yg excellent kan?]

oklah, enough bout dat...haaaa...hari second ni mcm agak menyeronokkan...sebabnya lecturer sgt2 sporting! best giler ade lecturer mcm ni...heheh sebab tu la sempat lagi tulis entri ni sekarang, at this moment, while the lecturer is in front, also posting his own entry for the day!

heheh...itulah serba sedikit asam garam hidup...oklah...mcm takde ape plak nk tulis for now..

till then,

salam and bye bye bye ^_^v

Saturday, July 4, 2009

learn from mistakes!


setelah lama tak berblog, tiba2 dapat ilham untuk tulis2 sumthing[chewah, ayat tak boleh blah! :p]

learn from mistakes!
it's ok to make mistakes, but make sure you learn something from it..
if we didn't learn and keep repeating the same mistakes, then WE MAKE USELESS MISTAKES!

memang betul ada pepatah kata, kesalahan adalah guru terbaik kita,
maksudnya kita belajar sesuatu daripada kesalahan yang kita buat itu
tapi, kalau kita tetap juga buat kesalahan tu berulang2 kali, itu maknanya kita tak makan diajar...

first time kita keluar makan, kita pesan maggi goreng pedas giler, kemudian bila balik nak makan tu, kita tak dpat habiskan ia, kerana.....pedas giler, so, keesokkan harinya, kita dah tak mahu pesan maggi goreng pedas giler sebab kita tak mahu merasakan kepedasan yang membunuh tu, jadi kita pesan maggi goreng tak pedas dan kita boleh makan, jadi selepas2 tu pun, kita dah tak pesan maggi goreng pedas giler tu sebab kita serik dah nk rasa pedas yg sgt2 giler tuh!

[contoh ni maybe mcm random dan tak logik, tapi ini kisah benar yg telah diadaptasi @_^]

moral of the story: at the end of the day, kita learn sumthing, KALAU NAK PESAN MAKANAN TU, JANGAN SURUH BUAT YANG PEDAS GILER, NANTI KITA PULA YG TERKENA PEDASNYA

dan sebenarnya, benda tu dah ajar kita untuk buat sumthing yg tak rugikan kita di kemudian hari

kalaulah kita still pesan maggi goreng pedas giler keesokkan harinya, dan tetap tak boleh habis , siapa yang rugi? dahlah tak hbs, membazir lagi, kita tak kenyang, sayanglah makanan tu...

ok, aku nak bagitau nye kat sini, as human, memang kita tak lari dari wat mistakes, tapi yang penting, kita belajar dari kesilapan tu...itu yang lebih bermakna

sebab, at the end of the day,
benda ni lah.....

yang dapat tolong kita,
yang dapat menguntungkan kita
yang dapat mengajar kita
dan yang paling penting,

bukan senang nak senang
dan bukan juga susah nak susah
semuanya ditangan kita, pilihlah!

hidup ni akan jdi lebih bermakna kalau semua orang belajar dari kesilapan
kenapa akau ckap macam ni?
kita akan belajar untuk menghargai orng2 di sekeliling kita
kita akan belajar untuk memahami orang lain
kita akan belajar untuk menjadi lebih matang
kita akan belajar untuk bertolak-ansur ngan orng lain
kita akan sedar bahawa bukan semua orng boleh terima cara kita dan bukan semua orang boleh terima perangai kita

learning will never stops, sebab tu ada pepatah kata, we are living in a school -----> life
and don't stop learning, coz the more mistakes you make, the more you will learn!

dan sentiasa ingat,

life is how you live it
[pomot nama blog sbnarnya :)]

p/s: entri ni random2 je, tiba2 rase cm nk tulis2 n conteng2, so terbitla entri ni..hhuhuh :P

till then,

salam and bye bye bye

Thursday, July 2, 2009

mind boggling skit :)


entri kali ni tak ada apa2 yg special pun...just nk kasi mata n minda korang confuse skit..hehe...enjoy!!

si adik tgh membina bangunan dri blok mainan, si abang ?

apa yg dorng wat ni?

bayang2 pokok tu sebenarnya.......???

jalan2 yg diliputi salji.....uurmmm...ranting2??

di manakah sebenarnya kapal2 itu berada? di tgh laut atau di atas langit?

main buaian di bwh pokok atau di atas bangunan?

heheh...mcm mana? confuse tak..sesaje je[tak ada idea ni!]
till then,
salam and bye bye bye ^_^v

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

tempat baru

[WARNING: entri ini ditulis ketika mode malas, so ignore je kalo tiba cerita tk berkaitan ada]

salam memang terang terangan la mode malas ni...segala2nya MALAS!!
tambah2 nak fikir pe nk ditulis2 kat dlm nih! huishh..poning kepale den dibueknyo...

tak ada apa2 yg fancy to be talked about lately...just a typical story during the holidays..what do u expect ppl will do when it is holidays?
tido-makan-tgk tv-surf net-tido-makan-tgk tv-surf net[n the list goes on...=p]

btw, i'm officially moved now..tak lagi bertapa di gua CHERAS tetapi telah berjumpa gua yg baru di PANTAI DALAM...hehe..rase cm org bandar skit duk di kawasan ni..bukan pe, siang malam cerah, kalo dah malam tu pun cerah dan ceria, siang tu! jgn dikata lah

tak explore2 lgi kawasan ni sebenarnya..setakat tahu sebijik dua kedai makan yg sedap n harga reasonable tu adalah..tetapi yg aku sgt tmpat ni adalah sebab kedai kat sini teramat sangatlah banyaknya...
sebut je nk bli apa?nk bli brg runcit? nk tmpah bju kawen? nk baiki moto? anda sakit...jgn risau klinik ada...plih je nk yg mana...nk blik kasut atau selipar? nk dobi bju? nk bli suratkhbar?nk bli roti [yg mcm kt kedai roti n pastri]?nk duplicate kunci? nk wat banner? nk photostat?nk topup? nk men game?nk bli popcorn panas2? haaaaaaaaaaa.......mari2 singgah2...heheh dekat je semua tu...n sebab tu ALHAMDULILLAH sgt2 coz aku dpt umah ni..huhuh

tapi kt sini 24/7 memanjang leh dgr org nyanyi lagu...huhuh...n semangat kejiranan kt sini memang leh dipuji lah!

boring sgt aku rasa hidup ni beberapa hari ni! bukan pe, nk tgk tv, mcm takde siaran yg best je...tenet pun tak thu nk surf pe...nk donlod lagu, tpi tk tahu nk lgu pe....muvee online pun dah puas tgk...sekarang ni aku nk ape pun aku tak thu...huhhu


dah kering sgt otak ni, tak tau nk merepek2 ape..hahah

till then,

salam n bye bye bye


Friday, June 19, 2009

tgk tu, tajuk pun tak ada! ish2


it has been such a long time since i update this blog of mine[bukan apa, run out of ideas on what to write and 'bebel' here]

i remembered somehow my lecturer used to tell me that i don't need any booster to start writing and i just have to do it plainly and keep on writing and scribbling any words in the paper and lastly, the ideas will popped up...but i guess, it does not apply for this time being... and i am still struggling to find the best topic to be talked here....=.=;

sebenarnya, ada satu perkara that i really want to rant here and share with all my readers out there[uuurmmm, ade ker readers? heh]very much but i still have to find the right time to do so....the reason???hmmmm...aku je yg, aku rasa nanti sajalah cerita tu, when the right time comes...[debar skit ye tajuk apa?? haha ^_^]

sikit masa lagi nak pindah dan sedar tak sedar dah hampir 2 miggu kitorang "berumah" kat sk jalan peel...and i expect, there's more to come after this! i have to be mentally prepared bcoz the upcoming years will be a challenging years and i have to doubled up my efforts if i still wants to be in the 'competition'...

oklah,sampai sini sja kot yang aku leh taipkan for this time being, bukan apa, betul2 tak ada idea nk cakap!aku bertapa cari idea dulu then aku tulis di sini yeh!

till then,

salam and bye bye bye

p/s: nanti dah ada idea, baca lah k!! SENYUM ^_____________^

Friday, June 12, 2009

no title


entah kenapa perasaan kosong tu datang lagi...tak tahu nak buat mcm mana ....walaupun sepupu ada di sini[kat rumah KL, tapi still emptiness tu ada lagi!]

huh!! a loooong sigh...mcm2 la berlaku lately ni dan betullah we have to expect the unexpected kan so that we will always be prepared when problems/ challenges come and "attack" us....

mcm mana nak hilangkan rasa yang satu ni? the emptiness from within is not a SMALL thing!
mcm petanda ALLAH nk suh aku dekat denganNya kot...bukan pe, lately, aku rase dah makin jauh dan jauh dan jauh....entahlah...hanya aku je yg tahu


till then,

salam and bye bye bye

~rasa, cepatlah dtg !~

Wednesday, June 10, 2009



actually, before nak boleh tulis ni, dah berkali2 aku type and delete...bnyak kali sgt! tak tahu la kenapa....adalah dalam 5 ke 6 kali...kalo tulis surat tu memang dah bnyak kertas yg terbuang dan mesti dah bnyak pokok yg aku telah tebang[hehe...exaggerate skit] :p

tak tahu lah kenapa aku ada perasaan ni...aku tak tahu macam mana nak describe kan perasaan ni..bukan tak sedap hati ke apa tapi rase cm kesian sgt dan tak sangka2 langsung2! aku terkejut beruk bile dapat tahu pasal ni![nseb bek tak jadi beruk je lagi =p]

aku pun tak tahu kenapa but i bet ALLAH has His own reasons when He decide to give her a trial...this is not a simple thing but it is a BIG thingy and i don't know whether if i was the person, belum tentu lagi i am that strong to handle it...dan benarlah seperti kata orang, ALLAH akan uji kita setimpal dgn apa yg kita boleh handle...

kenkadang hidup ni mcm tak adil sgt for certain people and i have came across ramai sgt people yg berfikiran mcm tu...dan maybe dulu2 mase jahil skit tu, i am one of those poeple...until aku tahu the truth yang hidup ini bukan tak adil but how u handle it itu yang maybe tak btul sgt.cube check dan kaji blik, mesti ada sumthing wrong smewhere...things always happen for a reason kan??

benda yg sulit kalo nak diselesaikan secara hitam putih [cnth cm benda2 yg melibatkan hati dan perasaan, hubungan kekeluargaan] mcm ni..bukan boleh ambil masa sehari dua sahaja nk settle dan nk lupakan, it really takes time!
dan kadang2 ia depend juga pada seseorng tu...kalo dia memg seorng yg sgtlah bertabah terima apa jua obstacles mendatang dlm hidup dia, dia akan boleh cope benda tu dan cepat je sembuh.... but for certain people yg sgt2 sensitif dan kdg2 akan simpan benda2 mcm ni lama dlm kotak memori dia[mcm aku], ia memang akan takes LOTTTTTTTTTTsa time.....

dan hidup ni bukan senang dan bendarlah mcm pepatah inggeris kata,


and it really is, aint it?
[mcm aku je yg pelakonnya disini kan?]

tak la...aku just nk reflect apa yg aku telah observe selama ni...dah lama jugak tk tulis pasal bebenda reflect2 cmni...asyek2 tulis pasal exam la, pangkor la, SEP la..heheh...

dan, memang benarlah kata orng kita kena terima apa jua ujian dariNya kerana nanti2 adalah hikmahnya yg tersembunyi tu...we just have to wait dan sabar je coz masa ni lah practicalnya sabar tu...=)

dan aku dulu pernah jugak tnya seorang ni, sebab masa dulu2 aku selalu kata hidup ini tak adil la, tak fair la dan semua words yg describe pasal ketidakADILan ni...kerana apa?

aku selalu suka fikir yg bukan2 bila aku dapat result yg teruk walaupun dah bnyk effort yg dicurahkan kedalamnya, sebabnya ayah aku pernah kata "kalo kita bagi usaha 10, ALLAH akan bgi kita ganjaran 10 jugaklah" dan berpegangkan pada kata2 ni la, aku mula rasa yg Dia tak adil kerana walaupun aku dah bgi 110%, tapi still aku tak dpat hasil 110% yg aku harap2kan...

dan lama2 aku faham juga mksud ayah aku tu...bila kita usaha, tak cukup benda tu je..kena disertai dengan tawakkal juga...lepas tu kita tinggalkan padaNya sahaja nk judge...dengan cara ni kita akan lebih redha dengan apa yg Dia dah beri pada kita...dan it really works!!

kalau dulu, aku selalu fikir yg bukan2 pasal result aku dan sentiasa rasa tkut dengan result tu...dan aku rasa tak leh terima kenyataan kalo2 result aku bukan seperti yg diharapkan!dan ALHAMDULILLAH bila dah kenal agama skit, aku mula tawakkal spenuhnya padaNya dan dah tak fikir bukan2 lagi...dah takde dah rasa tak yakin atau takut dengan ALLAH lagi!

sampailah sekarang, bila dapat result exam, kecewa memang lah kecewa tapi bila aku fikir2 balik, adalah tu tak betul dimana2 atau usaha aku memang tak cukup lagi, rasa kecewa tu tak lah sestrong dulu sebab aku dah boleh justify kenapa...dan aku rasa aku dah matang enough nk wat penilaian pasal benda ni...

aku rasa mcm bnyak sgt pulak aku membebel hari ni...oklah, nak stop sini sahaja...kalo ada masa aku coret2 lagi...naseb bek boleh online t kampung ni..kalo tak mati kebosanan la aku di sini =p

till then,

salam and bye bye bye

Saturday, May 30, 2009

cuti oh cuti!

salam to all,

seelum aku start bercuit selama 2 minggu ni, nk coret2 sumthing la kt sini...coz nnti blog ni akan di"abandon"kan sekejap..nk wat cne, kt rumah takde internet connection...lepas ni akan bertolak blik ke rumah[pulak]...selepas seminggu di KL kemudian blik rumah kemudian KL semula..huh! tak ke kerja yg sia2 namanya? btul tak?tapi nak buat mcm mana, ia telah ditetapkan dan diatur, so i can't say anything n have to follow je la...

sekarang ni aku tgh busy downloading songs for my sisters when it suddenly struck to me that tak lama lagi sem 5 nak start dan aku bakal memulakan kehidupan sebagai pelajar UM...and untuk kali keduanya, pindah rumah...sekejap je rasa masa bergerak...tup tup dah sampai masanya...dulu rasa mcm lama lagi..tapi tu lah, org kata, bila nk dekat kiamat tu, masa akan dirasakan bergerak semakin pantas..[btulkan aku jika aku salah]

so, agenda lepas ni, kemas n packing brg2 untuk pindah la pulak...bersih2 rumah dan susun2 mana yg patut...ALHAMDULILLAH, setelah berpenat lelah kesana kemari mencari rumah di kawasan pantai dalam, akhirnya ia membuahkan hasil juga...dapatlah rumah sebiji dgn harga sewa yg aku rasa sgt reasonable dan ok untuk rumah mcm tu...mungkin persekitarannya kurengg la sikit tapi tkpe coz aku bukan nk duduk kt luar rumah tu, kau nk duk dlm rumah tu dan dalamnya sgt ok! :)

things will surely changed later and i have to accept the fact that i will have to move on a new phase in my life ...and hopefully, it will brings me luck and happiness...mcm2 yg aku fikirkan...cabaran yg bakal aku hadapi nanti...the toughness life as a university student, the unexpected things as a future teacher and lastly, i can't help to think of my housemates...hopefully, semuanya akan berjalan lancar dan sebarang masalah tidak diperpanjangkan :)...been looking forward to stay with u guys [fiera, shikin, farah, che t n asmah]

okla, masa pun dah lewat dah ni...nk tidor dulu la...esok akan go thru a long journey to the north...tak mau ckp bnyak lagi...nk tido!

till then,

salam and bye bye bye bye


Thursday, May 28, 2009

cerita buku


ni merupakan my second entry for the day! hehe..bukan apa...mcm nk tulis sumthing je, so berblog la jawabnya...huhuh...been browsing thru fren's blogs and mcm dan terinspired je skrng..ingat nk ckp pasal buku la kali ni..heh

suka baca buku tak? ape2 jelah..novel ke, buku ilmiah ke, buku islamic ke..tak kisahla, asal buku..sya sebenarnya sangat2 suka dan mencintai benda yg benama BUKU! berilah apa sja buku kat saya, insyaALLAH sya akan hbiskan[but it might take time esp when i read books from not-so-fav author, but i can finish reading a book as fast as that day jgk :p esp bila tu adalah my fav writer]

saya akui bnyak wang dihabiskan untuk membeli koleksi buku2[motivasi, islamic, history, ilmiah, tips etc] n novels dan sya sgt2 rasa puas kalo dapt beli satu buku setiap kali masuk ke bookstores[agak extreme la skit...]

dulu msa kecil2 mcm2 buku bca tapi semenjak dah besar ni, genre buku yg dibaca pun dah banyak yg berubah2...sekarang saya lebih sukakan buku2 yg "matang"
meaning of "matang"?-buku2 yg ada filling, ada isi, kita gain sumthing lepas baca buku tu...
dan koleksi2 buku2 tersebut telah menjadi kesayangan saya yg teramat2 sejak 2 menjak ni!! :)

ingat lagi masa kecil2 dedolu, mak saya akan langgan buku "KAWAN" terbitan utusan publications..ala buku yg saiz kecik tu...masa kecik2 dulu popular la buku tu...dan smpai sekarang buku2 tu masih ada lagi tapi not in the good condition...
saya sangat suka baca buku tu coz mcm2 info ada dlm tu...komik, maths, BI, history, pengalaman2 org~ pendek kata, saya akan baca dari kulit ke kulit la smpai sya puas hati..hehe
dan ade lagi, buku cm KUNTUM dan PINTAR CERDAS...gaya2 ilmiah la skit...

dan Alhamdulillah, minat membaca tu masih dpt dikekalkan lgi sehingga sekarang :)
dan sya bangga dgn minat sya yg satu ni...tah la, bukan nk sombong or riak ke apa[konon2 sye ni rajin membaca] tapi seronok bile dpt cerita kt orng apa yg kita dah baca dan apa yg best pasal buku A, buku B dan etc...tambah2 bila ada geng yg juga suka bca buku ni...masyukkkk sgt :p

dah duduk KL ni, mcm2 pengalaman sya dapt tambah2 bila musim book fair, sampai snggup kumpul duit semata2 nk bli buku yg telah ditarget! hehe...dan bila smpai di sana je, first thing yg akan buat, cri buku2 yg menjadi keutamaan dahulu pastu brulah gerak ke booth2 lain..penatnya hanya ALLAH je yg tahu tapi excitement tu pun hanya ALLAH je yg tahu....:p

dan for book lovers, aku nk share sikit ape buku2 yg super duper trooper best bgi aku...

1. panggil aku dahlia by noor suraya terbitan jemari seni [all time fave]
2. aA+bB by hlovate terbitan jemari seni[all time fave]
3. 5 tahun 5 bulan by hlovate terbitan jemari seni[jga all time fave]
4. rooftop rant by hlovate terbitan jemari seni
5. surat ungu untuk nuha by noor suraya terbitan jemari seni[all time fave]
6. bohemian by imaen terbitan jemari seni
7. labyrinth by imaen terbitan jemari seni
8. tunas by hlovate terbitan jemari seni
9. kebun mimpi by noor suraya terbitan jemari seni
10. sigaraning by imaen terbitan jemari seni
11. relevankah aku di hatimu(RADHA) by rnysa terbitan jemari seni
12. zahrah de tigris by khairyn othman terbitan jemari seni
13. gurindam jiwa [compilation from 3 writers terbitan jemari seni
14. hatiku di harajuku by ramlee awang murshid terbitan alaf 21
15. mikhail by ramlee awang murshid teritan alaf 21
16. ADAM by ramlee awang murshid terbitan alaf 21
17. where rainbows end by cecelia ahern teritan harper collins
18. a place called here by cecelia ahern terbitan harper collins
19. my best friend's girl by dorothy koomson
20. laskar pelangi by andrea hirata
21. sang pemimpi by andrea hirata
22. sprkling cyanide by agatha christie
23. murder at the orient express by agatha christie
24. anne frank's diary
25. the society of S by susan hubbard

and the list goes on and on and on and on and on....

[notice tak bnyk giler buku2 best dri jemari seni...memang best pun buku2 terbitan dorng...besttttttttt sgtx100...try la beli promote free nih, tkde bnyaran pun...:)]

oklah, mata ni mcm magnet plak ada di bawahnya.. rase ngantuk sgt2...oklah, smpai sini je dulu...

till then

salam and bye ye bye

teori vs amali


dah beberapa hari tak post new entry...bukan apa, ,MALAS!! mcm2 nk tulis tpi still dlm kpala je...dan dah beberapa hari juga berada kt sekolah atas urusan SEP(school experience programme) dan dah beberapa hari juga aku merasakan boring yg teramat2...sebab kitorng duduk berehat sahaja kt sekolah tu selama 3+1 =4 hari ni!![korng tahu kan rasa boring yg mcm mana?]

oklah...bukan nak ckp pasal ni pun sebenarnya....tgk kt tjuk entry ni..teori vs amali...
bukan apa selama aku berada di skolah ni, i've learnt a LOT...sgt2 banyk...dri segi hubungan komunikasi ngan komuniti sekolah[guru2 dan staff sekolah] dan hubungan komunikasi ngan komuniti pelajar..the latter seems more relax and ok for me but not the former!! bila tiba bab2 communication with teachers n staffs, maybe aku kurengg skit kot...and this is where comes the part of theory and practical tu...

bila dalam kelas blajar pasal communication skills, aku rasa benda ni mudah, kacang, use your commonsense je, dan leh jwb soklan exam...and problems starts to arise when u take things for granted...oleh sebab aku ingat benda2 ni mcm mudah je...kacang putih goreng je tuh!...aku mula pandang ringan2 bab2 hubungan komunikasi yg berkesan ngan staf2 dan guru2 kt skolah smpaikan aku anggap benda ni natural...die leh dtg sendiri...senyum ngan cikgu A, kenalkan diri kat dia dan lastly, conversation akan start and dri conversation tu la, ia akan memebentuk hubungan[relationship]...dan lama2 kita dah leh adapt ngan persekitaran sekolah tu....





tidak sekali2! ini tidak berlaku...apa yg aku imaginekan didnt come out like that!!
memang...memang aku senyum ngan cikgu cikgi kt sekolah itu, TAPI setakat itu saja..tak dan nk kenalkan diri kt cikgu tersebut, mereka dah beredar ke kelas msing2 dan aku terkapai2 sorng2...senyum entah kemana, ayat2 yg dirangkan dlm otak nk gunakan sebagai modal berbual hilang tah kemana!
mission : FAILED!

and this is what keeps buggering my head these few days! rasa cm tak semangat nk ke sekolah [yg sepatutnya menjadi the most awaiting event each sem!] dah tiada! T-I-A-D-A!!
dan aku rasa, msih belum terlambat untuk aku betul2 applykan apa yg aku telah belajar [coz i still have 2 more weeks to go before this SEP ends...and i have to be very friendly and *muke tak malu* skit ntuk tegur org yg tak bape kenal untuk bayar blik hutang2 seminggu nih!!]

amali ni memg sumthing yg we cannot expect mcm mana it will turns out langsung[for me, for this time being] coz memang kita akan plan yg terbaik but it might not come out with what u palnned we have to be mentally prepared and kuatkan semangat...always have plan B in ur head...always be prepared...

dan nasib baiklah juga adanya amali ni coz we get the chances to apply what we have learnt in class and see the results on the spot....kan cikgu bnyak deal ngan human, we have to be aware and have to consider that they also have feelings, just like us dan ada akal untuk fikir far, i take this as my biggest challenge and aku nk pastikan at the end of the programme, aku akan ada feeling nk datang lagi kat sekolah ni!
okaylah, i want to stop my words here...nak tido, mengantuklah!

till then

salam and bye bye bye

Monday, May 25, 2009

aku rasa....


perihal SEP


boringnya beberapa hari ni...mcm suram je hidup..huh! rase cm KOSONG...EMPTY....
i don't know what the reason is but it really drives me crazeeeeee....=(

ok..enough bout dat...hari ni first day pegi skolah untuk wat experience programme...dedolu mase wat SOP memang rasa excited tak ingat dunia...bestttt gilerr...dan semangat je nk g skola tapi lain plak halnya dngan keadaan skrang ni...

mcm tak bersemangat sangat nk pergi...maybe sebab i'm still in the holiday's mood kot..[mane taknye, tgh cuti best2 tiba harus blik KL seminggu untuk selesaikan benda ni...haih!]
tapi, whatever it is...aku akan kuatkan semangat nk go thru these 3 confused weeks nih!
knpe aku kate confuse?? hmmmm...adelah sebabnya...mcm2....ishk ishk ishk

kitorng pegi skolah without enough preparation i should say...coz aku mcm blur2 skit when i first step in that school...maybe sebab this is my first time and first day kot..hmmmm orr maybe bcoz im the only girl[pegi skolah tak cukup korum...fiera ade hal skit kt umah] so it somehow limit my action n excitement...[tak besh r g skolah tk cukup geng nih!=(...fiera cepatla blikkkkk....huk huk huk huk]

the school was ok and hopefully the teachers too...[don't know yet coz it is just my first day there] but what is quite not ok for me was THE TIME!...bukan apa kitorng sgt2 free[buat masa ni] dan kejenye sembang je sepanjang hari tu...huh!! smpai ade cikgu tu kte "mix around with others , don't just sit je...jgn malu2 sgt.." rase boring tersangat2 tak leh nk kata tahap ape!![ mc exaggerate la skit]takpe...awal lagi nk buat judgement pun...kita tunggu dan lihat je k apa yg akan berlaku nanti....

oleh sebab ni minggu exam maka kitorang tak dapt nk really get in touch with the students yet...dorang sibuk exam di itulah yg wat SEP kali ni quite hambar...tpi the environment is quite ok la...harap2nya nnati ia akan jdi sumthing yg best kalo tak rase cm tak sreonok la jugak coz my other frens mybe enjoy giler2 ngan bebudak tapi aku tak...tak boleh tak boleh..

ok lah...aku dah kehabisan idea on what to write next...aku nk berenti kt sini jelah..kali ni mcm hambar la skit....

till then,

salam and bye bye bye bye bye...


Saturday, May 23, 2009

dah lama tak ber"blog" =)


bru smpai dri kedah ptg tadi n now dah mengadap laptop kerna nk menjawab tag org2 yg menge"tag" saya...hehe...[padahal rindu nk ber'blog'...;p]

seronoknya cuti2 hari tu...rehat2 kat rumah...jalan2 kat rumah...tido2 kat rumah...tgk2 tv kat rumah...baca2 novel kat rumah....pendek kata, semuanya leisure nye activities la....biasala...exam dah habis \ ^_^ /

cerita2 bru semasa cuti?? ada...banyakkk...nanti la aku cerita kan di sini..tapi sedkit boring la cuti kali ni coz bila balik rumah, rasa cm tak cuti je...sume orng takde kt rumah...seme pakat2 bz je...=(
jdi penunggu rumah la sekejap cuti baru2 ni...haih!!

oklah, aku nk jawab ni dulu, then the rest, cerita lain kali lah!

5 brand that you like the most
~body glove[tak thu nape?minat giler ngan barang2 die]
~Jemari Seni[publisher leh tak? hehe :p]
~tah la...asal benda tu quality, jenama blakang kira

5 brand that you dislike the most
~sony ericsson
~kilometrico[selalu takde dakwat]
~yg tak berkualiti
~tu je kot...tak thu la..

5 countries that you want to go the most
~Jepun[nk g sgt2!! hehe..]

5 countries that you do not want to go the most
~Vietnam[cm takut je negara ni]
~Timor Timur

5 item that you like the most
~siri realiti tv~ the amazing race, survivor, AF

5 item that you dislike the most
~Ular[tak suke!!!]

5 people that you love the most
~Nabi Muhammad S.A.W
~mak dan ayah tersayang
~adik2 tersayang
~sepupu2 tersayang
~kawan2 tersayang

5 people that you hate the most
~org yang suka menunjuk2
~org yang cakap tak serupa bikin
~org yang suka jaga tepi kain org
~kawan yg tikam belakang kawan
~tu je kot...

5 color that you like the most?
~warna2 pastel yg lembut

5 color that you dislike the most?
~hijau olive
~light brown
~orange yg terang

5 things that you dream the most
~nak keje dan bg duit kt mak ayah
~lengkap hidup jdi anak pompuan, isteri, ibu, nenek[hahahahhahahahah.......:p]
~nak lihat mak ayah happy
~nak jadi manusia yg bahagia
~nak jadi org terbaik untuk orng2 di sekeliling

5 things that you not dream at all
~hidup yg menyusahkan orng
~gagal dlm hidup
~jadi orang jahat
~tak disukai orng lain
~tu je kot...

5 of your positive character [tah la...aku pakat wat je..hehe]
~rajin [kot?]
~baik [ke?]
~lembut hati[ ke? ]
~tak kisah[certain benda la]

5 of your negative character
~sensitif[cepat je terasa]
~imagination runs wild
~selalu fikir negatif
~cepat terasa
~kdg2 malas

5 moments that you miss the most
~masa sek dolu2
~mase blik kampung
~masa raya ngan sepupu yg bengong
~nak duk dpan tv berebut remote ngan nawal n acin
~time tgh bersenang lenang kt rumah do nothing....

5 moments that you do not want to remember at all?
~ada ke?
~aku pun tak thu...
~takde kot...
~semua nk ingat la....bestttt

5 positive characters of your best buddy [u know who u r...:p]
~hehe...suka pujuk aku bile aku merajuk
~motherly n sisterly
~boleh depend on die bile aku de prob
~teman aku waktu aku sedih n suke

5 negative characters of your best buddy
~aku trima je...
~buruk baik die...hehehe...

5 things that you happy to do the most (Of your entire life)
~kumpul2 novel2 best2

5 things that you regret the most
~aku suke membazir
~quite boros jgk
~kdg2 rase rendah diri ngan orng
~selalu pk negatif pasal org
~aku selalu wat orng terasa...

Single question

Favorite animal?
~dolphin...teringin nk pegang stu hari nanti...

Favorite quote?
~"tak pasti r weh..."

Favorite actor?
~gary sinise-det. mac taylor in CSI: NY...hehehe

Favorite actress?
~sandra bullock ~ speed...bestttt sgt

Favorite things that you do when you are alone?
~blogging n tgk tv n dgr lagu n baca novel

Favorite website?
~tak kisah...semua suka...

Favorite moment?
~time belajar ni la...bestttttttt

Favorite sport?
~berenang2 di atas katil

Favorite vegetable?
~kubis...aku suke kubis...

Favorite movie?
~the prince and me 1, 2, 3, with love, the last palace, 10 things i hate about you

Tag this to person.
~shikin bunchettt[walaupun die dah wat]

shikin, azreil, luq~ amboi2 panjangnya tag ni...penat wat..mcm nk hantar asaimen pun ade..hehe

till then,

salam n bye bye bye

p/s: takat tu je la nk tulis2 pun...penat r...nk baca2 la dulu...hehe

Saturday, May 9, 2009

mulanya di sini


tak mau ckp banyak2...juz nk share sumthing dgn sume je...enjoy!!


Mulanya di sini
bagai terulang lagi
kisah yang indah
antara kita berdua

Sehingga di sini
tiada berpaling lagi
kita berteman
seiring jalan dan sehaluan

Sama-sama menjejak mimpi
Sama-sama mencari dan menanti
Segalanya direstui cinta sejati
Sama-sama gunung di daki
Sama-sama turun ke lembah sepi
suka duka bersama dirasai

Mulanya di sini
kukenali dirimu
sehingga kini
sehingga ke akhir waktu
Akhirnya di sini
kukenali hatimu
sehingga kini
kita akan terus berlagu
Di hadapan kita
ada jalan menuju
di kejauhan
ada sinar menanti
di penghujung perjalanan ini

Sambil bernyanyi
mendendang senandung yang syahdu
riangnya hati
dan indah dunia ku

to all frens, frenship never dies =)

"we can buy frens but not frenship"

till then,

salam and bye bye bye bye

Friday, May 8, 2009

ceritera PANGKOR


agak lama jugak meninggalkan blog ni..bukan apa, off to PANGKOR...sebab tu la tak terupdate...hehe.....ingat nk upload gmbar2 kenangan di pangkor tapi lama sangat menunggu nk uploas 1 gambar, aku wat keputusan nanti sje dulu...bile internet laju sikit or pepagi buta sikit..

huh! penat sangat tapi rasanya ia sangat berbaloi....walapun muka sun burn dan badan sakit2 dan sengal2, but it really WORTH IT!!!!...aku sangat2 enjoy berada disana..dengan kawan2 dan course mates.... well, bukan senang nk mengumpulkan semua orng [walaupun bukan semua pergi]untuk acara2 unofficial cmni...dan inilah saatnya di mana tiada lagi hubungan formal antara lecturer-students...semuanya mcm kawan2...dan for the first time, aku rasa relax sangat2 dan rasa habis semua beban dri bahu ni...almaklumlah dah hbis exam, so enjoy!!

best sangat rasanya walupun this is our second time trip to pangkor, but still the feeling is not the same!! lain sangat rasanya..yelah, dulu tu pergi pangkor atas sebab course punya fullfillment, tapi kali ni, sekadar nk menghabiskan masa dengan lecturers tersayang...dan ALHAMDULILLAH, tiada sebarang perkara tak diingini berlaku ke atas rombongan kami....praise be to ALLAH :)

sempat juga aku dan kawan2[shikin bunchett, najwa dan paah] cycled around the small town...besttttttt gilerr...walaupun ini lah penyebab utama aku sun burn, tapi, takpe itu semua sekejap je...dan kenangan ni takkan boleh dibeli dimana2...ksian cik fiera kita, mabuk laut[mabuk yang halal kata shikin :p]pagi tu dan petang tuh tak larat nk join kitorang, tido je dalam bilik.....

dan malamnya, we had fun!! barbeque session yg sangat best...walaupun a bit simple, tapi sangat enjoy...baru aku tahu yang rupanya bebudak course aku ramai yg ada talent menyanyi....hahahah...aizat, luq, togo, hakim, hayat, safri, kilod, rina, fafa, erma, shima[just to name a few]dan tak dilupakan, our beloved lecturers...miss grace and her bestest buddy, miss azlina....takkan dilupa lagu "YESTERDAY" tu...memang bestttt...[cannot think of other words besides best :p..hehe]

dan esoknya, sesi reflection...a bit sad when everyone give out their own opinion n feelings...quite touched with some friend's words...takpa, kita akn jumpa lagi di UM nanti..dun worry...
bertolak pulang dengan hati yng bercampur2...mcm2 feeling ada...rasa mcm sekejap je pergi pangkor...dan blik ke KL dengan hati yg rindu sikit...huhuhu..tapi takut sikit bila dalam bas tu, driver bas tu sangat ganas...bwk laju mcm nk terlanggar keta2 dan kenderaan2 lain....dengan hon yg sentiasa dibunyikan dan kitorng hampir2 terlambunng ke atas bila dia tak slow down masa smpai dekat bumper...terangkat skit...hahahha...itulah pengalaman .....

around 9.30 pm sampai di rumah dan sesmpinya di sini, lepas check fb dan blog sekejap, terus doze off sampai ke pagi...bangun dengan muka yg ceria dan happy!! hehe...

itulah serba sedikit pengalaman di PANGKOR....


lepas ni, blik rumah pula...makan masakan mak, duduk2 depan tv sambil conquer remote[ hehehehe], jalan2 ke tesco tanpa tujuan, baca novels yg bertimbun2 yg telah dibeli :p and apa yg penting, rehat serehat2nya sebelum blik ke KL semula...SEP menanti ku disini....

oklah, got to go...have to pack and unpack some things....:)

till then,

salam and bye bye bye....

Monday, May 4, 2009

E.X.A.M 4 ~ done!

salam last, the exam is coming to an end....and i'm very grateful that it ended quite well....heheh....
and after the exam, for sure, time for the results, and this time i just want to left it to ALLAH...may He grant me equally with what i done for all this time...
luckily i didnt face any probs throughout the exam's week and can still be in the hall to answer the questions with my other friends....

huh!! [a looooooong sigh...] T_T
lots and lots of things happen to the people around me and i myself....
yeah, we can't hinder any probs to "attack" is not just our power to control that

and for once in my life, i feel really really really really really really tired [this is not to exaggerate, but this is what i feel!]
i don't know why.............
maybe because the strain from the exam is still there
or the fact that there's actually a lot of things awaited eagerly for me to reach them after this...

i don't what to think anything for this time being and just want to relax...
after this, i will be off to PANGKOR!!

i know that things will still be the same when i am back later but life has to go on and for now, i think i will stop here!!

till then,

salam and bye bye bye bye

p/s : see u after PANGKOR!^_^..pray for us that nothing will happen and the journey is safe

selamat pergi selamat pulang...INSYAALLAH

Saturday, May 2, 2009

E.X.A.M 3 ~ done!


banyak nak tuliskan kt sini tapi bila once aku buka jer page aku ni...terus blank...abis suma yg aku dah rangka2 dlm klapa tadi..ish ish ish.....takpela kalau mcm tu...nanti2 la aku tls blik bila dah ingat..

nothing much today..done with exam 3~ sociology...
walaupun kelihatan nya agak bnyak nk kena baca tapi takpe coz ............................. hehe :p

one more to go!! then after this, off to PANGKOR...
seblum nak dapat pergi pangkor tu...kenalah strive hard for the last paper dulu..HUH!
oklah ape2 hal...aku nk stop sini dulu..

[nak study katakan -_-; ]

till then,

salam and bye bye bye bye

p/s: kawan2,pray for me k...supaya aku leh jawab paper last dgn baik...^_^

Friday, May 1, 2009

E.X.A.M 2 ~ done!

salam last, 2 more papers to go and i'm waiting very eagerly for that moment to come!![MERDEKA la...=p]

noting fancy to be talked about today, just some routine that i have to go through in my life..very tired at the moment and it kinda kills my mood to study tonite...

nak taip pun mcm dah tak larat je nampaknya...okla i think i better stops here now..

ok la,
till then

salam and bye bye bye....

p/s: ingat nk share sumthing dgn sume..tapi tak leh plak nk upload plak..hampesss tul...

Monday, April 27, 2009

E.X.A.M 1~ done!


not much to talk today...just went back from pizza hut(keluar jenjalan as if the exam is over :p) first paper is done...
i hope everything went well...what done is done and what's left is to tawakkal to HIM...
i think i've given my very best and just pray that HE will grant me equally with the effort i gave...

oklah...i am supposed to study rite now yet i'm still typing this words here....heheheheh
three more papers to go and i tell you, they are killing me softly...huhu...dahla subject2 yang quite tough jugaklah...

i watched a touched yet shocking[to me] video taken from one of my friend's blog[credit to soleh] and it is about the reality that happen in the world today...very SAD because for about 22 years since i was born into this world, i did not know[i think the best word would be i did not bother to take note] and realize the current situation....ape punya orang la aku ni...=(

however, i will not insert the video here[i'm too lazy to do that] but if u are interested to watch it, just type in chicken a la carte at you tube and watch it yourself....huhu..

oklah, got to go...
want to continue my routine at this time being~study dengan penuh khusyuknya =p...
but before that, just wanna share sumthing with you...
[it is actually a lyric of a song sang by sheila majid and i found it very inspiringand close to me :P]

Setiap hari kumohon
Agar Kau sentiasa
Memberiku ketenangan dalam hati... kekuatan
Menempuh segala dugaan yang mencabar ini
Pasti punya ertinya
Engkau beriku harapan
Menjawab segala persoalan
Hadapi semua dengan tenang
Dengan merasa kesyukuran
Ku doa Kau selalu
Mengawasai gerak-geriku
Berkatilah ku penuh rahmat dari Mu
Oh Tuhan terangkan hati dalam sanubariku
Oh Tuhan ku berserah segalanya kepadamu
Agar jiwaku tenang dengan bimbingan Mu selalu
Ada kalanya ku merasa hidup ini seperti kaca
Jikalau tidak bersabar
Hancur berderailah akhirnya
Tabahkanlah hatiku
Melalui semua itu...
Cekalkanlah diriku
Curahkanlah nikmat Mu pada hidupku
till then,
salam and bye bye bye....
p/s: pray for me so that i can do well in exam :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

my superhero and superheroin ^_^


hehe..i am supposed to study rite now but i feel that i have to take a break for a moment..
my brain is being cramped with all the study thingy and i feel like puke when looking at those stuff.. so..this is what i choose to do..
heheh..upload gambar..
tah la,sesaje je sebenarnya...

oklah, for your info, gambar di bawah ni adalah gambar my beloved father whom we called him as [my siblings n I] pa....
apa pendapat korang tgk gambar tu?hehheheheh...lawak kan?
dengan gaya otroman yag tak mcm otroman, batman yang tak mcm batman..dan sebagainya lah...
sebenarnya ayah aku cuba nak wat gaya dirinya orang terkenal yg malu diambil gambar oleh reporter..
hahahha..TERSANGATLAH lawaknye..hehe
dengan jam kat dua dua belah tangan, sunglasses n specs kat atas kepala, kat leher baju and kat mata...
mesti boleh tahu kan ayah aku ni mcm mana in person..
ya,he's really a FUNNY guy..
and that is his utmost quality that i like ^_^
he really makes our day and die buat seisi rumah tak hambar...
but, at times, when he is mad, never and dont ever make jokes with him, or else...
adelah yang kena marah nanti..hehe...we are used to it...
[aku dah pernah kene..hehe...mengalir gak air mata :P]

mase kitorang kecik2 dulu,
he is verrrrrrrry busy and did not really have time to spend with us..
kadang2 aku jealous jgk dgn kawan2 aku yg lain...kenapa?
coz diorang ada ayah yang leh awak gi jalan2 nek motor or kete
coz dorang ada ayah yang selalu ada di rumah
coz dorang ada ayah yang will always be there when sumthing happen
tapi ayah aku lain dari yang lain....

but, at times, I learn to accept the fact that
whatever he done is actually for the sake of us...
he wants to make us happy and get want we want
i think, this is the price that we[him as well] has to pay....
we have to sacrifice to get the best, kan?

[kenapa tiba2 je tulis ni?tah la..aku rasa rindu lak kat ayah dan mak aku ni]
the woman next to him is my mother..
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my mother ^_^
she is different from my father... a bit firm and sensitive at times..
but she can be ur best buddy when u want to go out ....
just tell her where u want to go, she wont say NO!
hehehe...memang kaki jalan skit kitorang..pantang ade masa terluang je...huhuh
she is a bit firm but when it comes to certain things,
she doesnt know how to scold u!really, i tell u!! its no joke..hehe..
take this for example, even when my 12-year-old sister who will be sitting for UPSR exam is playing with barbie doll and singing song at the tv happily as if there is nothing will take place at the end of the year,
she did not have the heart to scold her..
aku pulak yang marah2 and tegas dengan dia!!hehe...terbalik pulak..huhuh
and one more thing u should know bout her is that
SHE IS REALLY REALLY REALLY A GREAT COOK!! or should i say, chef in the making??
heheh...[just look at how chubby we are]
huhuh..ini semua jasa mak aku :P
sebut je nak makan ape..mesti dia akan masak punya la...yang pelik2 lak tuh...hmmmm sedapnya!!
murtabak biskut, bergedil daging special, kuzi ayam, nasi dagang, nasi ayam, nasi bukhori, puding buih,murtabak ikan, rendang ayam kampung,sambal tumis bilis yang sedap[kata fiera]
huhuhu....sebut je nk ape...insyaALLAH dia leh wat tapiiiii kecuali western food..dia tak bape reti sgt...hhuh...
[my stomach is growling sekarang]:P
banyak sebenarnya nak coret sal my beloved pa n ma...tapi i think i better stop now...
time to continue study lak..huhuh
mak aku juga is a great motivator...cikgu la katakan....
oklah, aku berhenti di sini dulu..
kalo nak dengar sambungan, lain kali pulak ye...hehehe
till then,
salam and bye bye bye...
p/s: rasa nak makan masak lemak telur masin yg mak aku wat la plak...hmmmm...sedapppnyaaa...