Friday, June 28, 2013

pervert taxi driver

yes, perverts.
in one of my days in langkawi, such a horrific experience.

that was my first encountered with perverts in langkawi and it happened to be the taxi driver! it was such a seriously scary and horrifying 30 minutes in my whole life.

my first impression of that taxi driver was quite positive; by looking at his age and talkativeness, but i guess somehow it was wrong to judge people by their outer appearance(in addition to the fact that it was my first time meeting with that kind of taxi driver)

and his talkativeness just crossed over the line when he started to ask me to call him 'abang' (eeuuww) instead of pakcik (what i call him earlier) and it gets pretty annoying and uncomfortable when he started to tell me things he was not supposed to tell outsiders about (u know what)

at that point, i began to 'read' the situation in the so-called taxi and what kind of conversation he was going to direct.
that he told me how lonely he was since his wife had just met with an accident,
that he showed me his old broken taxi,
that he told me men can get married to more than one wife but it's just women who wouldn't allow them to do so,

and how i lied by telling him i'd already engaged when he was telling me 'ruginya kalau dak baru ingat nak masuk' (read: flirting)

being a petrified and panic person i am, i quickly text-ed my sister to give me a call though at first she refused to do so. i secretly told her about the tax driver and Alhamdulillah, i really thanked ALLAH for He protect me from any unwanted and unpleasant things.

moral of the story: don't judge people by their outer appearance 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

that little escapism

Alhamdulillah i managed to pull through 13 days of 'ganti puasa' so far, without gastritis attacked me. i really hope i'll be able to 'pay' my fasting debts before the next Ramadhan coming up.

Alhamdulillah again, because i get to rest a bit tonight apart from my weekly-Tuesday-nights-routine; volunteering myself for math's extra class at school. and it really feel different to be able to have this time all on my own. priceless. ahh

i've been busy every night after school (i'm at evening session) with tuition classes and extra classes and camps etc. thus getting this little escapism i would call it, really makes me a happy girl at that :)

and tomorrow, back to normal routine. (still in denial state)

remember the word #escapism that i wrote in my previous entry? i guess having this 'me-time' can also be considered as little escapism, in the sense of escaping from busy life for a while.

and i came across a blog which wrote about little things that made her happy, and i guess i wanted to make that list too!uhm maybe in my next post :)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

#throwback: my korean drama madness

it has been quite sometimes since i really followed drama series be it malay, english, korean or japanese. and now i'm addicted to korean drama series, a gentleman's dignity! one of the reason why i had to follow that series was because of the lead actor, jang dong gun. 
he never failed to amaze me with his acting skills as well as his charm look :D
and this is his first comeback after 12 years! wow

since i do not favour sad love story, hence this drama met my expectations. seriously korean dramas have been very cliche now and most of them rather portray the same story line again and again, and this comedic really prove me wrong. with all sorts of emotions; funny, romantic, serious, a bit sad, it really made me glued to my laptop screen (since i don't own a tv here in langkawi)

i have yet to finish watching the series though i already knew the ending (thanks to dramabeans) and i really enjoyed them so far. and i guess this drama will go to my favourite list along with king 2 hearts, 7th grade civil servant, all about eve and sungkyunkwan scandal.

p/s: why on earth am i writing a blog entry abut korean drama? i must've been outta my usual self. ahaks

Saturday, June 22, 2013

random post

i was so determined to write again after a very very long hiatus. the urge and  excitement that i used to feel when i write before, i desperately wanted to 'taste' that again. but i just don't know what to write. i guess i had already lost that 'touch' again. sigh

life has been quite smooth these days; with unexpected things happened around me and unexpected person asking and showing me too much questions, information, news. that was capital TOO MUCH and i don't think i can bear with that. escapism, the only thing i had in mind right now.

ramadhan is coming very very soon, it's like more or less 2 weeks from now, and i'm still struggling to replace those fasting 'holidays' i had last year, and most of that was because of my gastritis. seriously it was wayy too hard to 'ganti puasa' during non-fasting months since the temptation is higher than the holy month itself. imagine your colleagues are drinking iced tea right in front of your face during a hot sunny day! gahh that was really challenging i can tell.

but being me, the last minute person, i had no choice but to endure that 'pain'. 

nevermind, i don't have to eat and can diet *try to have positive thoughts throughout my 15 days of ganti puasa!*

yess, you read it correct, 15 freaking days of ganti puasa! can you imagine that? 

me?? pengsan dah *_*