Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Some days I don't know if I am wrong or right  
Your mind is playing tricks on you, my dear
'Cause though the truth may vary  

This ship will carry 
Our bodies safe to shore
'little talks'-of monsters and men

i'm a heavy thinker these days, seriously. lots of things began to play in my mind, everything. from the biggest to the smallest little things. and i just don't have any idea why i was like that :(

oh please, can i have my old life back?
that life when i don't have to think that much; workloads and workloads and workloads and problems and money and problems again and money again. 
seriously, that was a never ending list i tell you.
though i really love my job, being a teacher that is, but sometimes i just can't resist the pressure and tense. ironically i like to be a busy bee, because i feel like my time were preoccupied with something. 
 it's like, "hey at least i got something to do", things that i can make myself busy (or rather seems busy, though it may not be like it)
but at the end of the day, there's still a hole inside me. EMPTINESS.
penyakit apakah yang telah melanda diriku? 

my best friend's wedding

p/s: gambar suka-suka

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

school stories part 2

i've shared some of my school stories in here last year, and still found them funny. hahaha. so, i'm going to share another stories, about them kiddos; their innocent nature and hidden talent as a joker :D


i'm teaching mathematics for this one class, the first class of standard 2. there are lots (MANY) naughty and cheeky little kids in this class, and i can assure you won't have any pressure teaching these types of kids. their cheekiness and boldness can sometimes drive you crazy. haha.

one day, after giving them work and get them busy with those numbers, i called several pupils to the teacher's desk to check their book. three boys(the naughtiest in class) and a girl came to me with their books.

adam: teacher ni apa benda ni? (while referring to some ornaments he's been playing with on my handbag)
teacher illi: jangan main dengan handbag teacher. bak sini buku awak (take the bag and put it further from him)

and i continued with checking and marking their books without noticing what's happening with them boys and my handbag.

after a while, i heard some giggles and laughter, very close to my ears. i looked up and saw them busy playing with it, one of them were 'sweeping' the desk with that ornament and another two applying the ornament on their cheek and make it looks like a blusher brush.

 on the left; the so-called broom and blusher brush  :D

oh my goodness, ALLAH please give me strength to go through this.


in my class, 3 intelek. the last class. i had this tendency since i first taught last year; i like to initiate a word and let them students continue to what i mean. for example,

teacher illi: ok class, what is this? (showing them a picture of dessert- custard pudding)
students: ...........
teacher illi: ok, again. class, do you know what is this? puddd... (with the intention they will continue with the word pudding)
students: pudarrrr! (with absolute confident)
teacher illi: no, this is pudding. now repeat after me. PUDDING.
students: PUDDING.
teacher illi: good, well done class! ok now pudding is a type of dessert. do you know what is the meaning of dessert? (i already taught them the word last year)
students: .....................
teacher illi: pencuci......( tolonglah sambung ayat teacher ni =.=')
student A: pencuci tangan.
student B: pencuci gigi
student C: wei, salahlah. pencuci tandas kan teacher?
teacher illi: %$^#%$^&*()*&(^$#@#!@ (seriously rasa nak hempas muka ke dinding =.=')


in a relief class, 2 cemerlang. there was this one boy, radzmer israf, he's not that well, i mean he can be considered as one of those special needy kid yet he's such a brilliant boy. he's gifted with spontaneous reaction. seriously!

i had to relief an english class and being an opportunist that i am, i decided to taught them english. i taught them about ordinal numbers, first second third yada yada yada.

in the middle of my teaching, he suddenly stood up and yelled, first! first! first! first! first! and another second he sat down and went completely silent.

i was quite shocked and went blur of what had just happen. after a while, i chose to ignore that.

the same thing happen again, this time he went up to the front, took the marker from me and wrote down his name on the whiteboard. RADZMER ISRAF. a big one.

and went up to me again to give the marker back, he continued 'strolling' around the class like a boss, like there's nothing happen in the class leaving me with question marks on my face!

and i quickly felt dizzy afterwards =.='


several parents went to the staffroom to give the money for PTA's fund, and they happened to search for my colleagues, kak wani but she wasn't there. so i decided to entertain and asking them how can i help. they handed me the money for the fund on behalf of their kids and i promised to give the money once kak wani is back in staffroom.

so i continue with my work and totally forgot about the money. during recess, one of kak wani's students cried and said he wanted to go back. so she asked the boy to wait for her in the staffroom. the second he saw me, he quickly went

student d: teacher ni yang ambik duit saya tadi tu teacher wani. (while crying)
kak wani: ??
me: ?????
kak wani: duit apa? takkan teacher illi ambik duit kamu?
student d: tadi saya nampak dia ambik duit mak saya bagi kat teacher.
me: opss kak wani sori terlupa nak bagi duit PIBG. ada parents nak jumpa tdi tapi kak wani takdak, jadi dia wakilkan saya bagi duit pada kak wani. (handed the money over to kak wani)
student d: haa kan betul teacher. teacher ni amik duit saya tadi. (suddelny he stopped crying)
me: ???
kak wani: sabaq la illi, bebudak ni bukanny faham pun orang mintak tolong. hahaha ignore ja.
me: ???? (still tak puas hati tak pasal2 dituduh ambil duit pelajar)

after a while, kak wani told me the boy doesn't want to go back. he already found what he lost, the money that i took! :(


no matter what, i really enjoyed myself teaching innocent little kiddos. i love my job <3>

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

february 2013

it's been a while since i last wrote in here. i'm just plain lazy though ideas are flowing like waterfall (ceh!)

was quite busy preparing for the big day, and since it was the first time ever in my family hence the excitement is all over the place! we can't wait for the event actually and alhamdulillah, 90% of them preparations have been done successfully.

school routines and life has been normal these days, just like the other normal days. but this year many funny stories have been collected and i'm just waiting for the right time to wrote them down (coz i'm too lazy to put them together now :P)

that's all for now. cheerio!