Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Ramadhan is here folks! Alhamdulillah ALLAH had been very kind for He let me alive to "taste" Ramdhan this year; once again. Alhamdulillah thumma Alhamdulillah :)

nothing much to be talked about during this holy month. and i'm going back home EVERY WEEK (yes, you read it correct, EVERY WEEK mind you :D ) to break fast and had 'sahur' with dear family. am so excited about it, though i'm used to break fast and had sahur with them friends for 6 years! haha couldn't care much since i'm closer to home when i'm in langkawi compared to kuala lumpur :D

well as usual the children's behaviour made my day, and having to see them during fasting month was truly an experience for me. hehe, funnier that i thought it would be. that stort would come later, ya!

as for now, gotta go. got things to attend to. take care and have a blessed Ramadhan everyone :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

perpisahan terasing

Di kala penuh ketakutan dengan badai kehidupan, 
Ku bersyukur adanya kamu , 
Biarlah kehilangan semua yang dimiliki di dunia, 
Asal masih adanya kamu - Anuar Zain, Sedetik Lebih

semakin meningkat dewasa semakin banyak benda yang berubah, di sekelilingku. dan jauh di sudut hati aku tak berapa gemarkan semua perubahan ini.
mungkin kerana aku bukanlah seorang yang mudah untuk terima perubahan tambahan pula kalau ia melibatkan perihal hidup peribadi.

 one of my favourite cousin, we are the 2nd child among 5 siblings and we are december babies :D

ever since my fav cousin and my bestest friend were married to their spouses, there's a little gap between us. i don't know why i had this feeling, could it be because of the close attachment between us?
well, i don't know.

seperti yang aku nyatakan dalam entri sebelum-sebelum ni, gambar hanya dapat menyimpan kenangan kita sahaja tapi tidak perasaan yang mengiringi kenangan itu.

mungkin aku juga perlu ikut jejak langkah mereka, tapi tunggulah 'masa' itu belum sampai lagi. insyaALLAH perancangan ALLAH tiada siapa yang tahu. 

school stories

one thing that i like the most being a teacher was the moments with the students. seriously you can never get angry with them! looking at their cute little innocent  faces definitely makes your heart melts in a second.

story 1
there was one time where i was so mad with the whole class since they forgot (or rather didn't finished my homework) to bring their book, and i ordered all of them to stand on their chair. suddenly a boy (the smallest in the class) came to me and said,

"teacher teacher tiba-tiba saya terjumpa buku saya dalam beg. tadi cari tak ada pun" with his innocent tone.
then i asked him,
"ooh magicnya buku awak ni. macam chipsmore pun ada, sekejap ada sekejap tak ada. habis tu homework teacher bagi semalam siap tak?"
"hehe terlupa nak buatlah teacher. semalam pi mengaji quran"
"lepas mengaji kan boleh buat?"
"lepas mengaji selalunya saya tengok tv pastu saya kena tidoq dah"

i don't have anything much to say afterwards.


story 2
i was teaching standard 2 (last class) about phonemes, sounds and such. as i was busy pronouncing all those silly sounds ( peh, deh, keh, leh, meh etc), several students said loudly,

"teacher pasai apa bunyi dia pelik sangat?"
"teacher dalam bahasa bi ni memang a b c depa bunyi lain eh?"

while these boys were busy complaining and chit chatting about the silly sounds, the other students continue with the phonemes (sounds very convincing)


teacher mereka? cepuk dan tepuk dahi. ingat ni nama jiran kamu semua ke? adoi pengsanlah saya macam ni


story 3
it was my school sports day and i was in charged with all the so-called athletes and little participants for sukaneka. most of those who took part in sukaneka was from standard 1 and 2. as i was approaching them to take their names and line up, suddenly a boy came and gave his name.

"teacher nama saya tulis dak lagi?"
"nama kamu apa?"
"ahmad zahid, 2B"
"ok teacher dah tulis, now pergi beratur kat belakang kawan kamu tu" (with finger pointing to the boys' line)

while walking to his friend, sempat lagi dia cakap 

"banyaknya benda putih-putih bintik-bintik atas muka teacher" (read: jerawat)

teacher illi: &(*%^$%#@^?!"


story 4
in my class and i'm sitting at teacher's desk, marking their books one by one with them standing besides me. 
now it's this boy's turn, he went to me smiling and listening to my comments about his book.
after i'm done with him, he suddenly sai,

"teacher ada apa kat bawah mulut teacher yang warna putih tu?"
"haa? kat bawah mulut teacher? ada apa?"
"tu ada teacher kat bawah tu, dia macam warna putih camtu"

meraba-raba bawah mulut dan ,

"haih jerawat bawah mulut pun dia nak tegur" (dalam hati)

kids are still kids, very innocent. apa yang mereka nampak, itulah yang akan diberitahu kepada kita