Saturday, October 2, 2010


there, that's it!

the 3 months practicum has ended, so what's next?
portfolio, debriefing, holidayssssssssss and the most awaited one, result!

lots of thing needs to be done before i can officially tido-rehat-makan-jalan2 etc.

hadoih, betapa cepatnya msa berlalu

oh oh

yesterday, amidst all the sadness and grieve for not having to meet the stdnts anymore,
i guess what i just know really tearing up my heart (ayt jiwang tk leh blah)

and now,

i leave it to You, ALLAH.
my all time saviour


siangshian said...

time really zooms doesnt it?

That day my sister asked me what sem I was in dy and I told her sem 7, only to realise we're sort of like the oldest in UM dy. Next year would be our last term, after that... posting. Gosh! Come to think of it, I dont feel like working suddenly!

illiii illina said...

hahhahaha....suddenly i feel old, for the fact that we r the oldest (among undergrads) in UM...

seriously, i feel like wanna study n not thinking of working yet