Tuesday, April 19, 2011

reminiscence the good ol'days :)

salam and hi to all,

it's been quite a while since i stepped in this blog *sambil membuang sawang2 disana sini*
well, i'm not that busy but it's just the feeling of lazy which makes me hard to write anything. i do visit my blog, almost everyday but i don't feel like writing yet.

so, here i am, with new resolution to start blogging again :)
to start with, i'll tell about the end of my 6 years of studies.

officially, it has ended. THE END.
yes, those six years of tears, turmoils, laughters, sacrifices, tensions, assignments, grades, problems, tests and exams has officially ended.
i deemed this is not the end yet, but it's actually the start of everything.
i'll soon join my sister into this whole new world, the working world and will yet to be the working people. i guess the feeling would definitely be different from what i feel now.
huh! don't know what to expect anymore. mixed feelings actually.

ok. enough said. this post should be about my sadness of the end of my study, instead i wrote about the uncertanties of what future shall bring me to =.='

of all my life, i think those 6 years really taught me a LOT.
of how to be a mature woman, how to adapt myself with surrounding, how to react in different situations, how to befriend people etc.
i learn A LOT, and yes, i can actually see the changes and differences between the old me and the new me, and i think i like the new me better :P

i still remember the day i got the offer from KPM to enrol in this course, my answer was definitely a NO-NO. teaching was never in my list *cey masa ni berlagak lagi, jadi cikgu tak glamer*
until my parents had to call me every now and then to persuade me to accept the offer, still i remember my mom's word hahahahahaha.
she said " Na, kalau Na lelaki, ma dop kesah Na jadi mende, engineer ke, doktor ke, akauntan ke apa ke, tapi skrang ni Na pompuan, tu yang ma kesah sikit, kalau jadi cikgu ni senang, kerja ada, gaji ada, cuti pun banyak, kerja sekerat hari je"
then she added, " cikgu ni ramai peminat, orang lelaki pun ramai nak buat bini"
wah! never thought this kind of word will slipped out from my mom's tongue. hahhahahahahha
*still gelak2 sampai sekarang bila teringat kisah ini*

then, my father, who never called if there's no anything important, out of blue, called me every night just to persuade me to accept the offer.
he even called me when i'm out to toilet to brush teeth, sampai macam tu sekali punya sokongan!

so, here i am, accepting the offer because of MY PARENTS and if it was not because of them, i would never be what i am today!
my mother used to say to me that "tengoklah mcm tu sekali sokongan ma dgn pa ke Na"
and up till i was in my first year degree, she still asked me how am i coping with the studies and everything.

YA ALLAH, i'm very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very grateful to have them. and All praises are due to You, the one and only the Almighty ALLAH. never did i know i'm that lucky :) :) :)

but. those were the days
the days when everything started to give impact on me

and now, i'm counting days for my graduation and working world

so catch ya later.
till then,
salam and bye bye

* i know this post seems a bit incomplete, but hehehehehe i just dont have any ideas to write anymore*

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