Thursday, January 5, 2012

i love reading

i like reading; very much. and it somehow continue to the extent i was willing to sacrifice my money just to buy lots and lots of books! it was like a satisfaction having to see stacks of books surrounded me. but that was then :/

nowadays i find myself a bit lazy to read. i don't know why, but i thought this might be because of my laziness and ignorance. there's still many books which i haven't read or even go thru yet i'm still getting myself new books everytime i walked in a bookstore!

so during my study time back in KL , i used to have this kind of craze over books that i didn't mind spending lots of money on books only. luckily i was given book allowance per semester which worth rm850, if not i would have to work somewhere to earn extra money for a living :D

me and my crazy-over-books friends would went to KLIBF and we'll spend hundreds of ringgits on books; on any kind of books which captured our heart. we wouldn't mind carrying those heavy books in our bags or hands as long as we got what we want!

i also used to have my own philosophy in buying books and they was like "grab and buy the book though you might not have time to read it, but at least you already have the book" . and this so-called philosophy somehow kills me coz there's so many books which i have not read yet. i don't know when can i finish reading all those books. hahaha...padan muka :D

well talking about reading, i guess i inherited this passion from my father, since he himself is an avid reader even until now. he would always have something to read be it any music magazine, or even cooking magazines, newspaper, travelogue mags, his monthly subscription of bank mags or even catalogues! we also have this tall huge built-in cabinet for books at the living room, and half of them books were his.

i always had this imagination of having a mini library in my house, and i guess i'll make it a reality once i am settled down with everything. it definitely would be great to own a library in our house!

apart from reading, i think i have developed my passion for writing too. and that's one of the reasons why i blog. though my writing level is not that good, but i'll keep on trying and writing as many as i could coz my lecturer used to tell me that "just write down anything you want to and keep on writing, don't worry too much on the idea coz it will come out later".

reading was like a brain therapy since i got to 'travel' to other countries as well as learn new things. i also got to know how different people think and react, and the rationales behind every single thing they do. it was a great feeling indeed.

and i guess my collection of books are my MOST treasured and precious things i ever have!

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