Wednesday, December 16, 2015

some random thoughts

salam and hi.

it has been i think 1 freaking year that i last updated in this blog. i amma lazy bum (slap on my head).

i really really really adore and respect those bloggers who are really keen on writing their blogs and keep the blogs updated. thumbs up guys! really

by the way, it's already the middle of december 2015. we have about 15 more days before the new year begins. and you know, the same ol' tradition of celebrating new year all over the world. and not forgetting, people will start asking around what's everyone's wish-list or even hopes. to be honest, i used to be one of those, but thinking that i like to dream a lot; like A LOT, so i think i will just drop that this coming 2016 :P

lots of things happened in 2015 and they were life-changing things i tell you. hmm, just let me keep it to myself. i have been planning to start on rambling in this blog again. let's hope i can consistenly writes in this blog, insyaALLAH amin. well, where there's a will, there gotta be a way isn't it? hahahaha let's see how long it would last. -_-"

and i have been planning to start study again. yes, you heard it correct. i am planning to take up masters degree class, by part time-- which means, hello sacrifaction. i know it's gonna take lot of money, time and energy, and most important of all, my priorities. i really really need to jumble up my life back and need to follow what i planned before i work. the time has come. another factor would be my sister, i think. she's in the middle of completing her masters degree in ukm now, full time mode. it would be easy for her since she's not working yet. so, she doesn't have to think for other commitments-- i mean work, priorities etc. lucky for her it is a-one-year-masters-programme, so she can finish that real soon and started looking for job. but not for me, it was a very different story. i need to consider many things before i really made up my mind to take up masters class.

but insyaALLAH, i will make that happen, eventhough i had to sacrifice my life. i know i might loose some, but hey, let's look at the brigther side, i may have achieve more. i don't know. just trying to be positive.

i think that would be all for now. till next time. hahaha i can't believe i am writing, again! hahaha oat on my shoulder.

p/s: my lecturer used to tell me, "just write whatever you wanted to tell. don't think" so here's the outcome :P

byeeeee :)

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