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HLOVATE...satu nama yang tak asing lagi dikalangan peminat e-novel...penulis baru yang mempunyai such a GREAT talent in writing..her pieces is really interesting..such a fresh+sempoi+filling masterpiece

her books (i have it all...(*_*)

3rd yr anniversary~hlovate's cerita resurrected
assalamualaikum and greetings to all
hlovate's cerita
is my first blog...
yg started dedolu back in 2005....yg penuh serabut dan tonggang-langgang berterabur...content-wise,grammar-wise,bahasa-wise
kalau tgk balik dan baca sendiri mmg akan cringe la
so kalau org lain nk cringe ke kata apa ke
no woes,saya faham.haha
sbb actually sampai sekarang pun memang senget je lagi
that blog dh di enable balik
btw,i'm leaving it the way it is
because blog tu my touchstone
be it nampak silly stupid mentah berhingus cemana pun
that was me anyway.haha
it's good to look back,ponder and laugh at yourself at times
the blog's also the memory-box;of the good ol'times with my virtual buddies aka awesome readers,the follower of the blog masa dulu
i miss those times
and every single one of you too.ikhlas.
and obviously
most of the entry ada yang hilang
did that on purpose sbb copyright issue
and also copycat issue
also the copy-paste issue
also the copy-paste-claim-sendiri-punya-reta issue
hence bear with it,ey
kalau benda tu tak jd,mmg akan biar je full version kat sini mcm dulu
so,am i to shoulder the blame still?
apaper pun,wish that u've a good time here
walaupun font tergolek-golek dgn margin berterabur dan kaler semacam tu
kalau ada masa mmg dh boleh diperbetul
tp masalahnya masa mmg tader nk dicelah
one thing,
bila reading here please do not discount ur kerja
ur solat time
ur belajar time
ur office time
dengan hanging around kat sini
i've the saham oso
make it good =)
enjoy reading and shoutouting
may Allah bless
i'm still the ol' hlovate
yg blunt,cynic,weird,luar alam,tactless,serabut,bz tak pernah cukup masa,
social recluse,super-ogre-saurus,language-and-grammar-butcher
yg value privacy without compromise,yg value respect without compromise jgk
yg tak sempat nk jenguk blog seniri apatah nk balas tag,balas email
but i read each and every single one of them...and treasure every single line too
thanks pd yg menulis.
and one mega big thanks for those yg dh buat reviews
it never fails to make me go all flabbergasted
and cakap dgn diri sendiri;..betul rupanya ada org baca segala hikayat tu...
walaupun ada buku ke apa ke
i'm still the ol'me
dan masih lagi tak nampak relevan kenapa anonymity and 'siapakah hlovate'
is an issue
issue ke?
haha.taper la.anonymity gives it more spice,ey [sheesh...sejak bila bulak dh bunyi mcm nicholas sparks ni]
i dunno la mana dtg nyer menda 3rd yr medic tu.
haha.terguling jatuh katil pun ada dibuatnya
taper la.kot jadi doa,another pengajian to come ke
for all you know,my overseas could be singapore/sabah/sarawak
and my studies...
pengajian buat karipap and air soya valid ke?
i doesnt matter,kan?
what if i'm a school dropout,yg sebenarnya duduk somewhere in Idaho [hence the oversea-thingy] in some rundown apartment,working the nightshifts at the 7-Eleven to pay for my diploma classes during the day,and tercampak ke middle of nowhere ni sbb lari bawak diri krn fedup dgn life kat Malaysia and ppl's expectations?
will you hate me and my hikayats then?
the books and the blogs utk the stories to come to life
not for my life to become a story
we leave it to that,ey
respect is the key
fun is the keychain all
enjoy reading and shoutouting
29 jan 2008
[3rd yr anniversary]
*the writer herself wrote it*

You wonder
Is it an angel or yet
Maybe a sweet dream that you can't forget
So close yet far-fetched
Causing you to float on the line
between reality and fantasy

c/o Haunted the nightmares
Creates the ecstasy
Hlovate~oh poisonous honey
Love and hate
Driving me crazy

The poison ivy of Venus
Killing with venom so sweet
You're losing your head
Don't want it yet it keep haunting
Losing yourself in the suffocating mist

c/oThe blind arrows of
Piercing cold ice and
warm melting heart
Tearing me apart

thots from the writer... read it urself and think about it! *wink*
yeah...and things're easier said than done...and i love to dream big like you do too
but toddlers still have to take first steps before they could run
we still have to learn alif ba ta before we could ngaji
we still have to spend some time on ABC before we could flip thru The Malay Dilemma
not everybody fell in love with Shahnon Ahmad's Debu Merah by the tender age of 10 like you and i
not everybody read Azizi Hj Abdullah's Seorang Tua Di Kaki Gunung in Std 5 before they even heard of Ahadiat Akashah like we did
or else the work is considered done
and sometimes we've to serve the current demand to aim higher.
take some time to breath.
take one step at one time.
even a pearl is not cultured overnight.
it took months and years to change the sand grain,same goes with the change of mentality
and there's no such petty thing if it could make people think and if it's popcorn,so be it
at least i got to promote my harun yahya who thinks big =)
and if people just refuse to even thinkthere's nothing much that i can do, can i?

I’m not a big fan of romance.

Premise A:But the most readers are.
Premise B:And I love writing.
Conclusion:Hence to get people reading you stuff,love element is almost a definite answer.

As a commercial value,attraction force.
And just mere that.
I don’t really write with who-gonna-end-up-with-who in mind as a core.
As for explaining myself,here’s just the stuff that I’ve put in my blog that I hope will make it clear that I’m not really a who-gonna-end-up-with-who fan.
Banyak lagi benda lain yang boleh dicerita.
I’d rather have people stereotyping me as hlovate yang kerja tulis pasal cerita growing-up je.
Because that’s what I’m doing anyway.

“….aku menulis bukan sebab aku nak create dunia fantasy.aku jot down everything yang aku nak share dengan orang lain tentang apa yang aku tau.aku tak banyak ilmu.tapi aku cuma tau kisah hidup~aku,family aku,kengkawan aku.dunia nie classroom yang paling besar dengan God sebagai Teacher the Almighty.aku banyak belajar dengan tu.aku tak pandai tulis bahasa bunga-bunga untuk harukan hati orang.aku just tulis apa yang aku rasa dan nak orang macam kata kawan aku 'everything needs commercial value and attraction force'.maka aku pun draw je cerita tu ikut taste org yg nak baca,tapi dengan core yg aku ada sebagai basic color.nak share rasa dengan orang bukan senang.aku tak pandai melukis,so aku tak boleh draw n paint perasaan akuaku tak pandai menyanyi,aku tak boleh lagukan hati akuaku takde art n skill,maka aku takleh nak shout out buat graffiti kat mana-mana dindingdan sebenarnye aku tak pandai pun menulis....aku tau throw out n spill je.
I aint writing just to create a fantasy love story.
frankly speaking,I actually cant stand much mushy-lovey-dovey-stuff[one of the reason why GT_i[V] got me bad].
sumer material yang dah publish kat sini,each ada core sendiri.
the core is the reason that set me writing.
the chenta part is mere fabrication.
yeah…commercial value is a must kalau nak orang flip thru material kita.
love element is an almost definite answer.
Tapi ada je my material yang commercial value nyer overshadow the core....

”I always take reading as something so much similar to the other things that we do to please our senses.Like eating and listening to music or even enjoying a painting.If I’m craving for some nasi goreng belacan I won’t try to find it in a French restaurant serving escargot with butter-garlic sauce.It’s a futile effort.Better try Warung Pak Ngah Baharom Taman Jaya.Or if I wants something heavy and thrilling like super cili padi tom yam with nasi putih,then there’s no point of buying popcorn to satiate the appetite.Same goes with reading.If one wants to read about the philosophy of the theory of knowledge,find Aristotle or Plato,and not Judith McNaught.If one wants some thrill,find Dan Brown or Sue Grafton,not Noddy in Toyland[but I still find thrill in Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and Findouters....well,maybe that’s just me.I’m weird like that].

Things like reading/eating/whateverelse depend on what we want at the time.
I remember an article by Faizal Tehrani about popcorn novels =).
It was seriously interesting.
And I personally think reading is so like eating.
Popcorn and junkies are bad for health,but that’s what people like most anyway.
If they tend to take too much sugar overdose,well...they’ll get cavities.
So,balance up then.
Pick up Leo Tolstoy’s and Shahnon Ahmad’s for some slap of reality[the carb].
Grab Allahyarham Dr.Usman Awang’s and Coleridgre-Wordsworth’s works to enjoy the beauty of language,words and poetry[the protein].
Make some time for the articles in Times or Newsweek because they’re equivalent to vit and minerals to keep you in check[there’s this one recent ones that has Al Gore writing in it,he’s not half bad to write some intelligent stuff].
And you only need some small amount of sugar and fat and whatever nutrients the junkies have.
And this’s the part where you grab some popcorn novels.
Like popcorn,light novels pun ada sustenance even sesudu..
Once in a while is okay,but don’t make it your staple diet.
My ceritas are popcorn too.
As surreal as it sounds,I won’t have people reading my ceritas as staple diet.
That’s just absurd because there’s lots of much better stuff to baca for the carb sustenance.
Tapi no matter how objective I made it looked like above,reading is also as subjective as enjoying a painting.
Each individual has different interpretations of what they see/hear/taste.
Beauty and quality lies in the eyes of the beholder.
Ever seen works by Goya?
Some will just says that his darker works are just plain barbaric from first glance.
Some will say there’s beauty in the tragedy.
And how about works by Yusof Gajah?
Maybe orang sekali pandang akan kata his works looks so childish with all the quirks and bright colors.
Well,I pity those who’re shallow then.
Dan sama jugak dengan books.
People ada interpretation sendiri.
Some might some books as insightful,quirky,or whatever and others might find if as uber trash.
It depends on the kind of person you’re really.
Of what you want,and what you want to find.
I still watch Senario whenever I feel like I want a good laugh,and still think Lion of The Desert is the uber best film ever.
I don’t read RADHA because I want to know Syah akan end-up dengan Kaduk or Ammar.
I read it because I want to follow how she membesar and belajar.
I always say that I’m not a writer,I’m merely a storyteller.
Because calling myself a writer will be an insult to the word itself.
Writers are people like Tolstoy and Shahnon Ahmad and Hugo and Azizi Hj Abdullah and Louisa May Alcott.
I’m a language butcher and God knows how many laws of language and literature that I’ve crashed in one go.
Not to mention I’ve never been enrolled into any writing classes,hence it’s my sincere apology if my works lack the whatever quality-theory that there should be.
I just spill.
And also it’s my sincere apology to any of you if you find this piece offensive,or if my works are insulting your intelligence.
Like what I’ve said,don’t go for popcorns if you want some nasi goreng.
Well yeah…I’d rather be hated for what I am than to be loved for what I’m not =)

p/s:And for the record for the umpteenth time,I still have issues with GT_i.
I’ll be totally fine if people want to call it picisan or whatever.
And please don’t bother to read it when it’s out if you’re not up for triple-honey-sugar-coated-popcorn-drenched-in-caramel-sauce.
It still keeps me on the verge of grabbing anti-emetics.
Just so you know.
You’ve been warned.
May Allah bless.
Enjoy reading and shoutouting.

so how? are you attracted to her by now? if not, i think there must b something wrong somewhere

till then, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *wink*wink*wink*wink*

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