Friday, June 19, 2009

tgk tu, tajuk pun tak ada! ish2


it has been such a long time since i update this blog of mine[bukan apa, run out of ideas on what to write and 'bebel' here]

i remembered somehow my lecturer used to tell me that i don't need any booster to start writing and i just have to do it plainly and keep on writing and scribbling any words in the paper and lastly, the ideas will popped up...but i guess, it does not apply for this time being... and i am still struggling to find the best topic to be talked here....=.=;

sebenarnya, ada satu perkara that i really want to rant here and share with all my readers out there[uuurmmm, ade ker readers? heh]very much but i still have to find the right time to do so....the reason???hmmmm...aku je yg, aku rasa nanti sajalah cerita tu, when the right time comes...[debar skit ye tajuk apa?? haha ^_^]

sikit masa lagi nak pindah dan sedar tak sedar dah hampir 2 miggu kitorang "berumah" kat sk jalan peel...and i expect, there's more to come after this! i have to be mentally prepared bcoz the upcoming years will be a challenging years and i have to doubled up my efforts if i still wants to be in the 'competition'...

oklah,sampai sini sja kot yang aku leh taipkan for this time being, bukan apa, betul2 tak ada idea nk cakap!aku bertapa cari idea dulu then aku tulis di sini yeh!

till then,

salam and bye bye bye

p/s: nanti dah ada idea, baca lah k!! SENYUM ^_____________^

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