Friday, August 7, 2009

macam-macam la!

[i might have wrote about this before, anyway just read it :)

salam and hi to all,

before i begin, i just want to tell that this entry is just for sharing of some thoughts and feelings of HOW I FEEL about everything..

we are special in our own way and the way we do things sometimes will reflect on our personality[tak bnyak pun, sikit la..]that's simply because HUMAN ARE DIFFERENT and in this condition, i believe that it is very important to treat people differently according to their personality. for example,
- an easy going person, treat them as one, make jokes, give and take, considerate and etc
- sensitive person, care about them, be sensitive on their feelings, don't use harsh words which might makes them hurt and etc...

it seems very difficult yet this is the price we have to pay if we want to be accepted in community. do you want to be isolated just because you openly commented on people's work? for me , it's a BIG no no..i don't want to be isolated just because of my "slips of the tongue".

yes, i know that we do have "freedom of speech" but use it properly. some things are meant to be kept as secret and some things are meant to be told. YOU CHOOSE! it will be nicer if you choose your words properly. i believe that ALL people did not like to hear harsh words, although they like to use one! it is not a harm to keep to yourself of what you feel about ather people, at the end of the day, you will find yourself forget and forgive of what had been said to you or what you feel about others.

yes, i know that many people will say that it is a hypocrite person who do things like that and i tell you what, sometimes we got to be hypocrite because sometimes what we heard is also hypocracy..and there's hardly any truth in this world. this is real world, where all types of people can be find and it is up to us to which category we want to fall into..and if you ever asked me, i want to fall into people who makes difference to people's life and give impact to them :)

yes, i know that some people will say that"why should i care for them? they didn't even care for me!"have you heard of 'what you give, you get back' ?yes!! if you care for them, sooner or later, they will care for you too! read me: CAREbelieve me. it did happened ^^we have to always remember that ALLAH is kind to us because He loves us! He will give what we want, regardless it is impossible or not. and in return, devote ourself to Him, The Great!

yes, i know that it is hard for us to be nice with everyone around us, but it is not a crime if we try it right? we have our own, me and everyone! i do admit that sometimes, if i feel sad or angry, and it happened to be shown through my expressions, i just can't help to be nice with people too. the emotions will affect me very much.

living in a community charged us to be nice to people around. we cannot just want others to follow what we want but sometimes, we have to follow what others want, too! it's a give and take things...and if you willing to do so, then you will lead a HAPPY life..with people around you, with good friends who willing to help and care for you...what else do you want??

till then, salam and bye bye bye

p/s : this is just a reminder for me, and you too, if you want :)

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