Friday, December 24, 2010

random thoughts

salam and hi to all,

i've been pondering upon lots of things lately, specifically over this 3 months holidays. about peoples around me, lifes and the ups and downs that i face everyday.

speaking of which, it's not that i like to meddle into other people's life, it's just that their actions that set out many question marks in my mind. i'm not that kind of person who likes to talk bad about others mind you. i still know my limit and the fear of ALLAH is still there, but being a normal human being, i think i am just being me. person who likes to take some things seriously and that's why i am a sensitive person. because things that others wouldn't mind or would want to forget, might mean something to me.

hah! this is me, those who knows me, they know it better.
i get tension easily, mind you. why? because i like to see things/ problems from every side, both positive and negative. and sometimes, when there's a mixture of emotions, i'll get carried away with it easily. and you wouldn't want to see my sour face, which i bet is sour than green apples, or even pickles.

i'm a kind of person who didn't know to hide my emotion. a transparent one, some people would say. when i'm sad or happy, you can see them on my face. and it'll get worse if i'm not in the mood that day. you wouldn't dare to talk or be near me even!

ok ok, back to what i want to write, some things has change and some was still the same. and peoples too. i don't know why coz i just don't have the reason. thought that i can still be with the same people, having good time with them, chitter chatter, doing funny and crazy things but i guess time ruined it all. as we grow older, there are some matters that cannot be take lightly and it become the one everyone was trying to avoid. T_T

that's the journey called life. you can remember the memories but its hard to enjoy it again, the same way, with the same people. after all,those bittersweet memories will still be there, hope it will last in my mind.

The past is never dead, it is not even past.
William Faulkner

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