Monday, September 12, 2011

bila rasa gembira hentak kaki :D

mode: excited :D

after 6 years of hard work, tears and never-ending challenges, at last i had officially ended my study around mid may this year. and what excites me the most is the grad day! can't wait for that meaningful moment in my life- imagine i have been 'pictured' the day since i entered my first year of degree. hahaha, am so naive at that time.

anyway, the g-day will be in october, october the fifth to be exact. and i'm a happy girl at the moment.

yet, amidst all the graduation thingy excitement, i'm still patiently waiting for my placement in schools. hopefully, it will end so soon. cannot bear the boredom anymore, i wanna be a working people y'know :D

killing time is my latest job for now, so i guess I AM OFFICIALLY A REAL PROCRASTINATOR coz i'd do nothing except for old bored routine everyday. i'm not the type of person who likes to do same thing everyday, i like to do something different, yet i don't have enough sources or enough partners in crime to join me,

so here i am, a jobless person [owh how i hate this :( ]

till then, bye

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