Monday, May 7, 2012

ups dan downs in life, well that would be me

let it be what others want to say about me, what's important is that i know what am i doing.
there's reasons why i behave like this. and i'm very very dissapointed with some people, thought that i can count on them, now that some poeple are the one who stabbed my back. whatever it is, ALLAH knows.

Alhamdulillah things went quite well on my sister's engagement day, and deep inside my heart, i can't still believe that she's now someone else's :) im happy for you lani, cumanya rasa kecewa kerana berita tidak sampai ke telingaku awal2 dan sedikit sebanyak buatkan aku rasa tersisih dari mereka-mereka ini. sebabkan aku jauh nun di langkawi kah yang sebabkan mereka payah nak memberitakan khabar gembira ini kepadaku? well, i never knew that and now, i don't want to know anything. what i know is we are getting 'bigger' each day. bigger in the sense that we are now adults and are working and will lead our own life soon. yes, soon :D

'twas a rush preparation i would say, coz there's not enough helpers and the one that can contribute much (yes, right) have not been informed earlier thus making her sulked and didn't want to involve with the preparation thingy. yes, that would be me :B

nevermind, what's done is done, and wedding bells are ringing soon! and i guess all preparations should be made from now on, well literally what i meant was the idea of the wedding day, foods, the hantaran yada yada yada zzzzz

hahaha...still, up to this point i can't believe that lani is now someone else's fiancee..heeeeeee

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