Monday, October 19, 2009

of being sensitive

salam and hi to all,

mood aku tgh bercampur2 skrng ni...suke+sedih+marah semuanya jdi satu...
tak tahu la kenapa...mcm2 yang aku fikirkan sekarang

[sje je nk exaggerate, padahal tkde pape pun :P]

ok, lah being sensitive?
mcm tjuk yg aku tulis di atas tu

entahlah aku rasa yang setiap dari kita perlu ada sikap sensitif
bukan sensitif as in sensitif suka menangis atau cepat terasa ke apa
tapi being sensitive towards situation around you
kenapa ye aku cakap macam ni?
sebab ada beberapa benda yang terjadi menyebabkan aku rasa perlunya sikap ni!

aku akui yang aku agak sensitif [well, i can't help it :P]
dan senang sikit nk terasa benda2 kecil or unnecessary things ni..heh~
entahlah, maybe sebab nama aku kot, dia jadi cam doa, so, aku mcm cepat sikit terasa
dan akan cepat sangat terasa dengan orang2 yang terdekat dengan aku
huhu...sorie ye kawan2

being sensitive here means that you can sense when people don't like
the way you treat them,
the way you talk to them
and even
the way you look at them

please, please, please, be sensitive la skit
when you know that people is uneasy with you,
you have to react accordingly
give some respect to them
then, they'll give u the same :)

some people might have realized that they've hurt someone but,they take no action at all and keep on hurting them as if they are not aware of it!
hah~ ni la yang part susah sikit tu
coz some people are just ignorance enough to care what they had done
[i don't meant to attack anyone here, k]

when we are aware of the situation and put in a little of our sensitivity,
then we can see the difference
people will be more comfortable with us
[ok, imagine this]

A has just clashed with her boyfriend, and you told her the story that you bf has just gave you a nice present for your anniversary. you keep on telling her how sweet the moment was and even asked her opinion on the gift you just received. what do you she will feel??what if you are in her shoes? do you like being told a story which makes you remember all those sweet things you've done with your ex? will you feel sad? and how do you perceive this person?


ok, so mcm mana?
get the picture?

hah, that's what i mean,
being sensitive towards people around you, not just that, even situation pun same la...

heh~ i think i've babbled too much here, better get back to work..huhuh

till then, salam and bye bye bye ^_^

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