Friday, March 12, 2010

hikmah ALLAH yang tersembunyi

salam and hi to all,

i'm at home now. to be exact, my home sweet home in sungai petani. it was such a great feeling to be at home, with all your beloved ones. although i know this so-called holiday was meant to be for assignments, but i guess, once in a blue moon, there's nothing wrong for me to skip them for a while. hehe~ nevermind, later i will need to burn all the midnight oil. and for now, home spells E.N.J.O.Y!! :P

it was quite sometimes since i post my last entry here. and i don't know whether i've fulfilled my new year resolution enough yet. hahhaha....such a procrastinator betul! :P

oklah. let's go back to our business here.
last night, as i was "stalking" on some of my friend's list on facebook and read some of their status(es), i saw some common thing here~~~ all of them are posting on how happy they were about their brother's, sister's, cousin's or friend's SPM results. and showing how grateful and happy they were for all the flying colours in the skies. and honestly, i feel happy for them too. :) :)

but to those who didn't really get what they want or didn't meet the target, NEVERMIND, ALLAH surely have something else for you guys!
we would never know our destiny, fate and all, coz it is in HIS hand. we just need to wait and later on, we will realize how beautiful His plan is for us :)

trust me, once, i also have the same feeling but as time goes by, i am very very very grateful that He carved my story this way :)))

no matter how hard we try, how sad we feel,just remember that ALLAH knows it all, He sees it all and most importantly, He grants us with every single little thing we do! see how generous He is towards us :))

klah, i guess i need to get back to work now. see ya later in my next post (wonder when will it be :P)

till then,
salam and bye bye bye

p/s: this is just merely just to console some heart out there. don't worry, we know how hard u've worked, it just that it is not your time yet :)

p/s to coy: lek r coy. chill! :P

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