Sunday, March 28, 2010

life is not a bed of roses and it really is

salam and hi to all,

actually, when posting this entry, i'm in the middle of doing my assignments when suddenly i feel very sleepy. amazingly, when i started to open my FB account and do some bloghopping, the eyes were very nice to me. they quickly OPENED widely and i don't know where the sleepiness that i felt before go?
hehehehe :P

life is not a bed of roses and it is certainly very true. i got this topic from my sister's status. and i was quite impress that she knew this idiom when she is only in form 2! i myself just discovered this idiom when i was in form 4 or 5, haizz.

yes. i definitely agree that life is not a bed of roses, but we CAN make it to be a bed of roses. but, i don't think i am capable enough of doing that. i've no courage yet, to do that. give me time and maybe, at that some time, i will be able to look at problems as chances and take them easily.but for now, I DON'T THINK I CAN :(

life is a rollercoaster, sometimes you are up high on the sky and sometimes, you are down on the meadow. i won't deny that. and right now, i am down in the meadow out of nowhere!

huh! life is too difficulut for person like me, kot!
i. don't. know.

i guess that's all

salam and bye

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