Tuesday, June 22, 2010

keluarga:part 2

salam and hi to all,

it's been a few days since i posted my 2 entries in a day due to an overexcitement[is there such words? hehe..i dunno, just type it]! whoaaa...that's such an achievement for me[pat on my shoulder]

i was eating just now and had a small conversation between the family members. and what's interesting is that the suject of the discussion of the day~~~all are mainly about my parent's childhood~~~ and i feel that it was very good until i made up my mind to share it in my blog :))and since i was like telling my family stories, so why not i put his, kan?

most of the stories were from my father's~~~since we were talking about guys nowadays behave in a certain manner[mind you, it's not about the negative one, it's the good one i tell ya! things which made us women laughed and laughed and remembered it :P]

actually, this is not my first time hearing my father's story about his teen years, early adulthood and childhood too! and in fact, some of the things that i just heard, honestly, was not really a shock for me. but, there are things which he keep it to himself until today that made it very shocking to me, especially!

well, father is a kampung boy, raised in kuala terengganu. he spent most of his childhood and teen years there except when he went to further his study at UKM. he once told me that he used to cycled from his house[my tokki's house] to kuala terengganu, the town, only to deliver chicken's eggs to the buyers.and in fact, some of the location of certain building was still there, except for the renovation they undergo. he was quite naughty but i can tell you, he is dependent. one can depend on him since he will do what is being required especially if it comes from the family members itself. my tokki is a chicken supplier at that time, thus almost all the delivery work was done by my father.

he was actually the second son out of three siblings. but, since his brother[my uncle] went to UK to study, so he had to bear all the responsibility on his shoulder. it was quite hard, life at that time although the family was quite well in terms of money. father said that my tokki won't let his children to spend money on unnecessary things, but if it were for food, then it's OK.

he also told me that whenever his brother is coming home, he will bought many things for them~~shirts, pants, sweaters, anything that he bought from the UK. and wearing something which is made in overseas at that time, was heaven!when he furthered his study at UKM, things were quite different. well, a man is still a man. hahahah...they're lazy A LOT! i tell you. even my father admit it himself! :D

once, during the good old study days, he and his friends even put packets of maggi in a pail together with hot water and eat it! they didn't use spoon, instead they use a laddle, because according to them, spoon wont scope as much as they want but laddle can! i was like WHOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!hahahahahahha...almost can't believe it myself!

and he said that it is a normal thing for guys to not wash their jeans, and for him, having to wash it every 6 months or more is good enough. he had friends who never wash it until they can't wear it anymore! [can u imagine the stink??]
he also used to have a girlfriend during his UKM years. and now she's a wife to somebody, DO of cameron highlands and even entittled "datin":D
and her husband is one of father's friend! hahaha...
[ma gelak2 saje time ni :P]

hmmmm.....if i were to continue it, then it won't be a neverending story. so, i guess, i'll stop here and will continue later. but, to an extent, it was very interesting having to listened to my father's story. a nice one!and i'll write about mother's later.

till then,

salam and bye bye bye

[my father was a bit chinese look, and his face when he was in his early adulthood was like korean actor]hehehehe...kalo die dapat tahu ni, KEMBANGLAH semangkuk...:P :P :P

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