Wednesday, September 29, 2010

i dun have a title for this

something just stroke my mind just now.
and i really feel bad,its not that "something" which make me feel bad, but me myself and i which causes it all ------>for that i am really bad person.
it is not the "bad" as in orang jahat or mobster,

amidst nice and good persons and friends i know,


was just strolling around friend's facebook and i can say that they really enjoys life to the max!
me? huh! don't bother asking, b'coz u wouldn't want to know the answer.

it is not that i didn't enjoy life as the rest do, but there is something stuck in my mind which prevent me from doing that.
(READ ME: everybody got their own way of enjoy life, aite?)

i am NOT a good friend who will text you 24/7 asking your whereabouts, whatyadoin, simply chitchatting, yada yada yada yada

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