Wednesday, September 22, 2010


salam and hi to all,

it has been almost 3 months and that means, our practicum gonna end very soon.
i don't know how to describe the feeling, whether i'm happy or sad.
happy coz i don't have to stay up late at night to do lesson plan and sad to leave those adorable kids and inviting environment the school accomodate us all the while we were there :) :)

some of my frens are busy counting the days, make plans of where to go after the practicum ended, completing all the lesson plans and appendices, write reflections

but I

i don't have the heart to do all these
i don't know where my mood has gone
one thing i know is that, i've lost interest to do anything!
i feel like i want to rest all day long and do what i want to do

last few days, heard GOOD news from my senior, their posting result is out!
although it is not my turn yet, but i'm happy for at last, after months of waiting and doing nothing, the result is out. alhamdulillah~~
they are going to start their real life as teacher and i'm counting the days to finish my 6 years of study. huwarrgghhh!!

got another half a year before i'm officially a graduand and a teacher :)
can't wait for that moment.
but i bet i will DEFINITELY misses the moment i have now- being with frens, no responsibilities on the shoulder, hanging out with frens, shopping etc.

mata ni makin layulah
**oit, cepatlah habiskan blog tu, aku dah nagntuk nak tido dah ni.

till then,

salam and adios! :)

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