Friday, November 12, 2010

there are LIMIT for everything!

salam and hi to all,

before i proceed, i just want to ask my dear readers, what is your utmost phobia?
fyi, i am afraid of snake! really really afraid of it (actually there's a story behind it, but i'm not going to talk and babble about it here)

what would you feel when somebody makes a fool out of something you afraid the most?
i can take it, maybe for few times but if it go overboard, then i'll start to feel uneasy and could become angry.


because i feel that there are limit for everything.yeah, i know maybe the real intention was to tease but initially, teasing someone with things they are really afraid of, I DON'T THINK WE CAN CALL IT AN ACT OF TEASING.

as i said earlier, i can accept it for the fact that someone may wants to tease or play with me, but once you break the limit, sorry would not cure everything. i don't know why i feel really disturbed with this kind of teasing. if it is just a name-calling like "you are fat", "you are ugly","this people like you" yada yad yada, i might consider but this??????? SO SORRY, i'm not the right person to be the victim!

sometimes we are expecting people to treat us the way we treat them, but it seems like there are no mutual agreement in this kind of thing. people will somehow treat us the way they want and yeah, it's human nature :)

if we want people to respect us, then we ourself will have to respect them first, because

respect is gain, not given

  • respect in the sense of be aware and sensitive to their character, things they like, things they hate, their life etc.
  • respect in the sense of there are still barrier between we and our friend when it comes to family matters, unless they want to spill it to us, then we can make it our matters, other than that, don't bother mingling with other people's business
  • respect in the sense of everyone is free and responsible on their own opinions, we have our own says and so do they, let them voice out their views and never force them to accept ours
and lastly,
  • respect in the sense of everyone is unique in their own way, so just accept them the way they are, its normal that human are imperfect ALLAH's creation
by the way, this is just my opinion, from what i feel right now.

till then,
salam and bye bye bye

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