Thursday, July 7, 2011

of being judgemental

salam and hi to all,

it’s been a while since i wrote anything beneficial and so-called informative/ motivation in this blog. i rarely updated simply coz there are so many things inside (the brain) that makes it hard for me to decode them in words. well, i’m never good with words you see :\

what i’m going to brag about here is the same thing, over and over again which i hated the most.

personally, i don’t like to be judged through my outer appearance. i would rather like people to see me as who i am, through the way i speak about something, my opinions as well as how i carry myself.

i guess attitude and inner self are more important and should be well taken care of. coz what we have inside will be reflected through our acts and words, aite?

rasanya bila orang menilai kita dari segi perlakuan dan kata-kata, benda ni akan lebih membuatkan kita berhati-hati dan berfikir-fikir sebelum menulis/ berkata-kata tentang sesuatu. indirectly, kita akan lebih menjaga lidah supaya bukan senang-senang nak keluarkan apa yang ada dalam hati kita. well, ada benda yang boleh disclose pada public tapi ada benda yang perlu diprivatekan. kita perlu belajar banyak lagi pasal ni.

i’m both not a very vocal person, i would rather type/ write what i feel rather than speak sebab saya ni mudah kehilangan kata-kata. saya tidak reti untuk argue dengan orang pasal sesuatu unless i know about it thick and thin, then i have the guts to say what i have to say (belum tentu betul dan orang lain dengar) (that’s why i’m never in the debate team while at school ~~just kidding)

i have quite a low self esteem you see, that makes me feel inferior to sometimes speak up what i feel inside. besides, to avoid people from having negative perspective about me. i’m quite particular when it comes about other people’s opinion about me, which makes me a bit defensive when it comes to certain issues.

hmmm...well, i guess that’s about it. its quite tedious to start again what we left behind few months/ years back. so, i need to start from scratch. have to read a lot and definitely, watch a lot ( err, i mean those educational and informational tv programmes)

till then, bye bye

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