Sunday, December 13, 2009

can (+) & (-) becomes (1) ?

salam and hi to all,

i've been wondering whether can two differences become a similarity? heh~ it's quite technical here. it is like two different person from totally two different world become together or in other words "unite"? yeah. humans are different. and THAT differences are seldom overlooked by most people. and that is why some people find it hard for them to accept other people or new person who is different into their life/ world coz they just can't take the differences as something which is interesting and unique.

there must be reasons why ALLAH made us all different from each other, aite?

i have been thinking quite deeply about this, just a few minutes ago, after watching an interesting yet lovey-dovey-mushy-teary love story. it struck to me that will it be true that people of a same skin hang out together or is this just apply to *birds*??(it is taken from the idiom "birds of a feather flock together" and i've altered it :P)

typical answers that i always hear is that these differences is the one that will make our life merrier and happier. life will be full of colours since we all portrays different faces and paints different colours, but i bet, i have to get a reality grip. not all will become just like what i'm thinking, kan?

life isn't really a bed full of roses, sometimes those roses do have thorns!

some people find it easy to accept others in their life although that person is totally different from them
but some people just can't. they prefer people who came from their own "clan"
[and this is what buggering me and worries me much]

and that is why, i think, there are problems arise, everyday, because of the DIFFERENCES. i bet, He must have concrete reasons why He made us all different and unique in our own way. kan?

ok lah, i think i have pour out some ridiculous and out of mind post here. just ignore this. but you can read it JUST FOR FUN. HEH~~~~~~

till then,

salam and bye bye bye

p/s: (+)tambah (-) sama dengan (0)
so, maknanya tak boleh lah! [JUST IGNORE THIS]
those who understand, understand lah :P

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