Monday, July 12, 2010

praktikal ke praktikum?

salam and hi to all,

today will be my first day of practical in school and i'm quite nervous bout dat. well, i guess it's a common thing among all the cohort 4 comrades. heh~ honestly, i don't know what to expect and i just hope for the best! AMEEN.

to tell the truth, i am not really happy with my practical, on certain reasons[just let me keep it to myself] but i guess ALLAH knows all. there must be reasons why He gave me this trial and i just want to accept anything that He gave to me. i'm positive that at the end of the day, i will see what is the "thing" He want me to learn.

hahahahaha...guess what, i got the afternoon session school and i bet the experience would be really different from what i have before. i've never been to school with 2 sessions nor i've ever experienced it. well, just wait and see :)

ok lah,
got to go and till then,

salam and bye bye bye

p/s: semua kawan2 saya sudah tido kerana mereka mahu bangun awal untuk ke sekolah esok pagi, tetapi saya masih menghadap lappy kerana saya sekolah petang T_T


siangshian said...

I'm still up and awake too... hahaha.. but my sch is in the morning. I think I slept too much in the afternoon. :P

No worries Illi, you can do it!

illiii illina said...

hehehe...thanks a lot for the word, girl. i guess i really need it for this time being.

btw, quite happy with the school and hope the same goes to you too! :)