Thursday, July 15, 2010

teaching practice lagi :P

salam and hi to all,

only ALLAH knows how exhausted i am today! although there's only one period lesson and no relief classes, but still the feeling of tired is there. i don't know whether it is the feeling itself which made me very tired throughout the day or the fact that it is only my childish mind. T_T

third day was definitely giving me a whole lot new experience of being a teacher. apart from delivering the lesson, i think the utmost important things that a teacher should master at is how to control the class and how to attract them towards the teaching in class.

and today, would be my second day of meeting my students[which would be happily taught by me :P so sarcastic] and yet the feeling of nervous was still there!! OH MY! why i need to feel nervous when they are only standard 3 students whose mature level is lower than me? yeah, i have answers for that.

fyi, the school that i got was very good in terms of the student's proficiency. even the penyelia petang already told both of us that most of the students are from english speaking family,meaning that our language level should be up to their standard lah! if not, they will only makes fun to both of us. aiyohhh...this really gave me headache. with my not-so-good communication skills and my quite clumsy attitude, i could really-really feel the burden!

what made me felt a bit down was when one of the students "sound" me with "teacher, you are wasting our time la" when i didn't manage to finish up the sentences which i want them to do as their homework. i was like !!!!!!$#%@%#^$%&*^&*^*@#!#
[only ALLAH knows how i feel inside], but luckily a question from a student able to make me feel a bit consoled. if not, i might ended up doing something i cannot imagine for that time being.

being in that class makes me remember the feeling of me being interviewed by 37 peoples whose eyes would never leave my face even for a second! which of course made me lagi nervous!

it's not that i'm complaining about the school or what, but i guess this is the reality that i have to face. and i would say that this would definitely be priceless experience for me since i didn't know where i am going to be posted soon. so, just bear and adapt yourself with the environment. don't let the situation overruled you!

on a good side, i'm able to show them my "garang" face which i myself find it a bit fake but it's ok since i got them controlled in my hand! muahahahahah...they are slightly afraid of me when i show that "garang" face and thus, half of the work is done! ALHAMDULILLAH :)
maybe after this, step by step, i'll start to show them the true me----> the "lembut" one, the "baik" one and the "tak kisah" one, the "sporting" one...heheheh :PPPPP.
[tadipun ade students ajak main kuiz, hampir2 saja mahu ikut kata mereka tapi bila memikirkan 2 minggu terawal ni tak boleh main sangat dengan mereka an perlu menunjukkan muka garang dan serius, jadi saya pasrah sahaja]

oklah, got to go,
loads and loads of work are wait for me very patiently [cemburu la tu saya boleh break sekejap from work :P]

till then,

salam and bye bye bye

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