Wednesday, October 19, 2011

that little yet meaningful conversation

i've had this little conversation with my father on the way back from terengganu last week. i don't really remember the main point which lead to this eye-opening conversation, but it was something true and new and i guess i'll hold on to it like forever.

so, he was suggesting to me that it's better if i can further my studies since according to him, there were huge opportunity awaited me in the future. as i'm taking english, so the chances are higher for me to venture into something different from what i've been learning all this while. i agreed to his suggestion and loved it to bits since i myself have that kind of plan for my future too.

and i answered him, "well, we'll see if luck is on my side, then sooner or later i'll get the chance" "tengoklah kalau ada rezeki, adalah peluang tu"

having said that, father quickly corrected me not to use the word "if and only if " or "kalau ada rezeki" coz he said that Allah is kind and generous enough for He gave us everything we wanted and asked for regardless of our races or religion, be it Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish etc.

He gave blessings, sustenance(rezeki), safety, health, wealth, good food, oxygen whatnot to everyone in the whole universe though the person is not a Muslim. that is why Allah is the Most Generous and the Most Merciful; for He showered us with endless and priceless pleasure and enjoyment and blessings etc in this world.

and that rezeki (sustenance) is everywhere on earth, everyone is entitled to it, so it's up to us how we are going to get it; like father said "of course with efforts and hard work".

well, no things are easy and free, there'll always a price to pay, be it with money, energy, time or anything.

all this while i had this wrong concept in mind and i sorta like to say "if and only if luck was on my side" or even "kalau ada rezeki" or even "kalaulah". so lesson learned, i'll never ever said that again coz the thing is, rezeki or sustenance or luck were there anytime anywhere for us, what we need is little effort to get it.

this little conversation had really opened my eyes and i got to learn that sometimes, things are not always they appear to be, but rather its our opinion or mind which mould it to be the way they are. always learn to read between the lines and it's hidden meaning.

so, that was it. till then

rezeki itu ada dimana-mana, carilah

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