Saturday, June 22, 2013

random post

i was so determined to write again after a very very long hiatus. the urge and  excitement that i used to feel when i write before, i desperately wanted to 'taste' that again. but i just don't know what to write. i guess i had already lost that 'touch' again. sigh

life has been quite smooth these days; with unexpected things happened around me and unexpected person asking and showing me too much questions, information, news. that was capital TOO MUCH and i don't think i can bear with that. escapism, the only thing i had in mind right now.

ramadhan is coming very very soon, it's like more or less 2 weeks from now, and i'm still struggling to replace those fasting 'holidays' i had last year, and most of that was because of my gastritis. seriously it was wayy too hard to 'ganti puasa' during non-fasting months since the temptation is higher than the holy month itself. imagine your colleagues are drinking iced tea right in front of your face during a hot sunny day! gahh that was really challenging i can tell.

but being me, the last minute person, i had no choice but to endure that 'pain'. 

nevermind, i don't have to eat and can diet *try to have positive thoughts throughout my 15 days of ganti puasa!*

yess, you read it correct, 15 freaking days of ganti puasa! can you imagine that? 

me?? pengsan dah *_*

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