Sunday, June 23, 2013

#throwback: my korean drama madness

it has been quite sometimes since i really followed drama series be it malay, english, korean or japanese. and now i'm addicted to korean drama series, a gentleman's dignity! one of the reason why i had to follow that series was because of the lead actor, jang dong gun. 
he never failed to amaze me with his acting skills as well as his charm look :D
and this is his first comeback after 12 years! wow

since i do not favour sad love story, hence this drama met my expectations. seriously korean dramas have been very cliche now and most of them rather portray the same story line again and again, and this comedic really prove me wrong. with all sorts of emotions; funny, romantic, serious, a bit sad, it really made me glued to my laptop screen (since i don't own a tv here in langkawi)

i have yet to finish watching the series though i already knew the ending (thanks to dramabeans) and i really enjoyed them so far. and i guess this drama will go to my favourite list along with king 2 hearts, 7th grade civil servant, all about eve and sungkyunkwan scandal.

p/s: why on earth am i writing a blog entry abut korean drama? i must've been outta my usual self. ahaks

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