Monday, April 12, 2010


salam and hi to all,

it's study week now and yes, i'm supposed to study, but i guess, the feeling of oh-i-really-really-need-to-study-now-since-tomorrow-is-the-exam is still not there. i don't know where the feeling goes and i guess it's a NORMAL thing for most of us especially when the exam is just around the corner.

and i'm quite scared for the coming exams actually.

hah~~ i'm bragging about the feeling, the exam....yet, i'm still procrastinate and still got time to write these crap. :P
[tkpe kot, "curi" skit msa, aku bukannya study betul2 pun :P, at least i'm doing sumthing kan? :P ---hah..mekanisme bela diri ni]


i've read this one motivational book and i came across something which says like
"human are born with 2 personalities, with or without we realize it. one of it is the real side of us and another one is being developed based on our environment"and i found that this statement is true in a sense that i myself have it too.

i admit that being me, the person my friends know when i'm in class is bit different with me, the person my family know when i'm at home.
and it's a mixture of negative and positive actually.
i am different when i'm with my own family clan and i am different when i'm with my friends. but,no matter what, i enjoy being the both ME.

i'm not a pious girl.what i've written all this time in the blog comes from my conciousness of sharing something i knew and feel. just that. no other intention. what i wrote--all about the stories in this blog is just to give my personal views about something.
those who knows me well, they know.

i'm not a kind girl too. i can be very annoying and people will definitely hate me for that. and i never expect that everyone will like me. never. i guess only my family and i myself who likes and accepts me the way i do.

i'm not that hardworking too. i'm lazy at most times. i rarely fold my clothes and let them be in the laundry basket for days and sometimes, it reaches weeks! i only do my laundry when i want to.

i'm also a last minute person. i do my assignments in eleventh hour, if i can say that. i like to procrastinate. A LOT. i will only do my assignments if the due date are just around the corner.

i'm not really good in english. but i admit that i love the language. and i guess, this is the sole reason which keeps me through the course.

there's actually lots more, but i guess i will just name it as
IMPERFECTION. yes, that's me.

till then,
salam and bye bye bye

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