Saturday, April 17, 2010

just a random one out of my boredom

salam and hi to all,

i'm taking a break from studying right now and it's only for a while..i should make this clear enough so that i won't find any other excuses to procrastinate..well i'm the queen of procrastinator, aite :P

ok2..actually there's nothing specific to be talked about. this post was meant to only "release " my boredom je..huhu..

O Allah, help me
O Allah, give me strength to study
O Allah, give me deep understading for what i've read
O Allah, give me good memory to remember what i've read
O Allah, give me ur blessing
O Allah, make things easier for me
O Allah, may U grant me with success

i guess at the end of the day, HE is the one whom we turn to,aite?

I guess, i better get back to work.

Till then
salam and bye bye bye :D

p/s: frens,pray for me will you ?

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