Tuesday, April 27, 2010

of being grateful

salam and hi to all,

i'm at home now. Got another one more paper to go before my 3rd year ended officially ,yeayy!!!!

hmmmmm...being at home,although i know it means fun and i can get all the comfort i want all this time, but i guess it still spells bored. honestly,i dont know what to do anymore, and there's no one at home except for my sister. there are only two of us, conquering the house for a while before everyone is back from their places...

I was bloghopping some of my fren's and something suddenly struck to me.
I can't help but to compare my conditions with them. Looking at how their life is lucky enough to get the chances to study abroad and how lucky they are to get the feeling of being in other people's world.how lucky they are to got all the things they want and how lucky they are to excel in studies!

I know, i shouldn't do that but i really can't help it.
i've learned before that if we start comparing ourselves with others,it is actually one of the sign to show that we didn't really appreciate what we have and what Allah has given to us. In an easy word,not being grateful lah!

For instances,
ur parents give u something for ur birthday, and you feel happy to receive it.and one of ur frens also got present from her parents, and she got much more better than what u got and that u really want it.and for that, u WILL definitely compare ur present with ur fren's and started to feel and think" kan best kalo aku dapat apa yg dia dapat,kan best kalo aku jadi dia,best je mak ayah dia bagi benda tu" and so on and so forth.

Lama2 benda ni boleh lead kepada perasaan tak bersyukur dan orang kata kufur nikmat.hmmmmm...jauhkanlah.

It was just now that my mom's said "rasa malu dah nak minta2 lagi dgn ALLAH,seeing that dah banyak yang Dia bagi kat kita". I was really ashamed of myself, coz even me myself didn't have that feeling,what's more my mother who sacrificed a lot for us especially and now, she came to that extent until she feel ashamed of not being grateful enough for what He had given to us!

Uh oh! I AM THE ONE WHO SHOULD FEEL ASHAMED OF MYSELF,tahu nak menyusahkan orang je dan masih lagi tak malu meminta2 dan memikir2 benda yang bukan2 driNya !

this is meant for me, to give a deep thought about it
and it might also be for you, to learn something :)

till then,

salam and bye bye bye


~riena~ said...

like seriously betol illy been reading ur post...lately..
good content!! i can really reflect my self huhu..
im always think what i got is never enough huhuh..

then my mom always said that be grateful and thank to ALLAH. bcause what ever happen has a concrete reason for it it to happen...huhu

illiii illina said...

riena: :) betul2...

kadang2 kita tak bersyukur sebab kita dah selalu dpt apa yg kita nak, and bile ALLAH tk bagi apa yg kita nak, kita terus2 rasa tk bersyukur kan?