Thursday, April 16, 2009



now i'm in the middle of study week...went home for a while before the exam coming....
relax myself with all the comfort that home offers...hahah..rasa mcm tak mau blik la plak...

been expecting many things to happen after this
- trip to pangkor
- jalan2 cari rumah
- there will be no HOLIDAYS for me =(

i started to feel the tension of changes
i HATE changes
but yet, i have to go through it...
and i must admit that changes is good for our own sake

been waiting for the book fair---> will be going after i'm back in KL
tak sabar rasanya nak puaskan hati tgk LOTS n LOTS n LOTS n LOTS n LOTS of bookssss......
tak sabar rasanya nak jumpa ngan penulis kesayangan ....=p
ah!!! i can't wait!! [hehe]...
for sure, sum of money will be spent and after that, i have to start saving money again...haih...

entry kali ni entah apa2 je yang aku tulis...
tah, KOSONG je rasa sekarang
bnyk menda yg difikirkan rite now


ok la....
daripada melalut yang tak tentu pasal better stop now!

till then,
salam dan ta ta ti ti tu tu ^_^

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