Sunday, April 5, 2009

dedicated to all cohort 4 ^_^


still in leaving-maktab-soon mode
haiz....i know i shouldn't be doing this...
[complaining about the dont-want-to-move-to-UM feeling]
but i just did...
after all, let the new page begin!

oklah, to all my coursemates, i dedicate this specially for you guys!
ENJOY!! \(^_^)/

the journey begin
on the 4th of July, 2005
date of rememberance for all of us
young, at that time
we carved new episodes in life
sailed through the obstacles sea
building up coinfidence
adding up new friends in list
surviving without beloved family besides

the "spooky" hostel was our new house
the bathroom
the common room
the library
the class
TESL block
we left all the comforts behind
to juggle through new life as students
and this is the price we pay to be
a great social engineer

orientation week will still be our greatest experience
"abang2 dan kakak2 senior, kami lapar, kami nak makan, boleh takkk??"
it will always be the best lullaby
"kemahiran mendengar"
will always be the best exercise we ever have
although the strenous week made us sick
but still, we've gone through it

when stress are knocking at the door,
when hectic says hi to us
when assignments starts to overflow
when quizzes starts to push our head to the max
when workshops starts to tickle off our bones
still, succeedly, we've gone through it

and now,
after 4 years
all become grown ups
unique in their own way
joy, laughter, tears, pain
we share together
no one to miss it
and we still
be as one

and now,
we are going to open a new page in our life
we are going to sail to a new sea in our journey
we are going to plant a new seed in our garden of knowledge
things will still be the same
no matter what
no matter how

so, friends
let us cherish our moments together!!

till then

salam and bye bye bye...



kyox said...

time do fly ya! all the best when in UM!

sYikiN cHumiL said...

sjak bl plak ni???

Kyouya Ootori said...