Friday, January 1, 2010

first post of the day

salam and hi to all,

this would be my first post for this new year, 2010. may this year marks a GOOD and EXCELLENT year for me, insyaALLAH :)

i bet everyone is busy setting their resolution as new year is coming. so, what is exactly my so-called new year resolution? or do i have one? hehe :P
i do have one but i guess, there's no need for me to reveal it here, i might keep it to myself as it is a bit personal :)

but, one thing i can say is that, i am hoping that i can, at least write an entry a day. insyaALLAH. (jangan hangat2 tahi ayam ye :P) heheh

ok lah,

till then

salam and bye bye bye

p/s: ape daaa...bru je wat resolution nak tulis satu entry a day, ni tak smpai beberapa minit dah takde idea..heheh :P
(takpe2 at least aku tulis sumthing....huhuh)

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