Monday, January 18, 2010


salam and hi to all,

it's 2.56 a.m and i'm still awake. class will start at 11.00 tomorrow but i guess, my eyes didn't feels like sleep yet. so, i take the oppurtunity to rant something in this blog. i guess, it's just the feeling of writing something although, to tell you the truth, i did not have any particular topic in mind right now.

there's so many things buggering me nowadays~ works, life and everything...and i am just hoping that i can cope to deal with life, just like i do before this. for some, they might think why am i complaining about many things, although this sem seems lighter and relaxing than the previous sem. ok, the answer is, different people, different way of thinking, different way of how they live their life, and that's simply it.

i live my life the way i want it , so be it dull or not, at least, i'm enjoying myself to the fullest with this way :), i am losing it. i mean, the idea...i don't know what to write anymore. hah~ it's a sign from my brain to aske me to sleep la tu..hehe

so, i guess, that's all for now.

till then,
salam and bye bye bye

[i know the way i ended up this entry might looks like anti-climax, but i just don't have any ideas to write]

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