Monday, January 11, 2010

kesabaran yang indah :)

salam and hi to all,

it's been a while since i post any new entry :P hehe there goes my resolutions for 2010. but, no worries coz i'll try, no matter what, to fulfill that ambition :)

my mom ALWAYS told us[me and my siblings] to be patient for all the obstacle that comes in our way, whether it is on personal issue or academically. and i think, i really really like her words which is "kesabaran yang indah". yes. i loveee 'em. not because of the arrangement of the words, but the meaning that lies within it :)

not everyone is patient enough in dealing with things, people, problems etc, me neither. i will always want things to be quick and quick and quick without realising that HE must have another plan for me, which is much much much more better than what i can think of.

and i find it true in many ways coz not everyone can be patient and have patience in dealing with life. patience is one of the most important value in ISLAM and i think, that is why there is a saying which goes like "sabar itu separuh daripada imam". it's equivalent to our belief, one of the most important foundation that build up ISLAM .

at times, when i feel like giving up on something that i'm doing, it struck to me to think on the "gift" that i will get if i'm willing to hold on just for another while. i know He will grant me on everything i do, so if i'm able to be patient just for a lil more, insyaALLAH i will get what i want :)

and this is when the "kesabaran yang indah" will comes in and shine ^_^
there's nothing that we can say except for neverending gratefullness to HIM[is there such words :P].
well....u know, the feeling of when we badly want that thing and we got it at last,with our own effort, yeah! that is the feeling that i'm trying to describe here...heheh

and for now, i WILL PRAY HARDER so that HE knows that i am very very serious with it and that i want it very badly.
and i know, HE WILL grant it.
it is just the matter of quick or slow.
and for that, i have to believe HIM and get hold to HIM tightly :)

i think, that's all for now

till then,

salam and bye bye bye

kesabaran yang indah ^_*

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