Tuesday, December 6, 2011

define happiness

i guess everyone has their own definition of happiness.

last sunday, when i was in the car with my family, at the traffic light, i saw a couple- an indian husband and a chinese wife were eating fresh fruits happily on an old motorcycle. i saw the wife resting her hand on her husband's shoulder while eating fresh ciku and the husband trying so hard to keep the motorcycle balanced using his old legs, and at the same time was eating fresh papaya too!

i can tell that their financial state was not that good by looking at their condition; the bike, the appearance and such (mind you but i'm not being a judgemental person here) but above all, they both looked genuinely happy in their own world. oh and there were some chit-chatting and laughter too. so romantic! :D

though the man had to endure the heaviness of the motorcyle so that the wife is comfortable on her seat, i guess he likes what he's doing coz he can still enjoy his fruit no matter what. and the woman looked ease in her place and seemed really confident with her husband that they wont fell off from the old motorcycle.

so define happiness.

there are many ways in which we can find happiness and it doesn't have to be all perfect- with luxury condition, good things and etc. but it can be in any condition as long as those who involved feels happy about it.

some might feel that jumping while pictures were taken was sooo excited and fun! :P

some children might feel happy if they got to eat their favourite food, be it their mother's cooking or some junk food, though the food is not expensive or any fried chicken from KFC or such; but to some other children, their happiness might be when they get to play their favourite toys.

and for some person, getting the chances to go to shopping malls or some fancy places is already enough for them to enjoy though that mall has nothing except for groceries and is a market-like mall, but for some, they might feel that this kind of place is soo yesterday and feels like home is the best place to be in.

some might feel that teasing and socialising with sibings is happier and funnier things to do in life :D

some other people are happy to get their own favourite books or 'special' items that they had longed for all this while, but there might be some who only feels happy only if they got to go to their favourite places or hanging out with friends.

some might feel happy if they get to picnic with dear friends at the park on a sunny day! :D

i reckon each one of us do have our own meaning of happiness,and it definitely differs according to our needs, preferences, condition etc. it's alright to feel happy in anything and anytime we want, learn to be grateful and accept what we have now before we might miss it later.

so, define happiness.

well, have you got your own definition of happiness? i've already got mine ;)

Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect.
It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.
- Anonymous

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