Thursday, December 1, 2011

random thought

it's amazing to see how each different letters are combine to create good words and how different words makes good sentences. i've always adore and jealous of how most writers get to pen down their thoughts and ideas beautifully and inspiringly, with the use of same letters and words we encounter in our own book or dictionary!

we might have the same ideas or thoughts with other people, but how every one of us writes it down will never be the same. some people are able to write such a long sentences to convey theirs but others might not.

once, i also have the thought of becoming a writer or journalist. why? first of all, coz i like reading and then writing. secondly, coz i want to travel around the world and being able to report about what had happened in other countries was really cool; at that time.

recently, i had this kind of hobby; err i don't know whether it's really a hobby or not, but i sort of like to analyse or read or see how different people pen down their thoughts. i've been comparing few peoples; some of them are famous writers, some are leaders, some are friends, and some are good and great bloggers. i get to see how different they are, how different their style of writings are and how all the differences they made add on to the flavour and makes it very 'tasty' indeed. and they are using ordinary letters and ordinary words which i'm sure any of us knows and are familiar with.

and it's their style and creativity which captured me the most; for they make beautiful stories and sentences and quotes etc.

i wish to write beautiful stories too, one day. and glad to have reading and writing as my passions :)

this picture has got nothing to do with the entry. saja letak :P

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